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Bookmarks Corey Walsh 4/17/14
Modify content API. Farid Hidayat 4/15/14
2 column view in Monocle Andy Parle 4/2/14
Link with javascript:"Skip to chapter" Sebastien Lucas 3/29/14
Couple of problems with Monocle 3/27/14
Text cuts off before end of line Ran Shternin 3/4/14
Monocle 3.2.0 and text selection using onMouseUpEvent at <iframe class="monelem_component" .... > Edu Cepas 2/18/14
ALL EBOOKS ARE ONLY $1!! kjim 2/16/14
full screen on iphone 5s? Jeroen den Haan 2/10/14
I finally managed to use it properly Sebastien Lucas 2/7/14
trouble with install locally Yuriy Uriah 1/16/14
Fixed Layout? Michael Oneppo 1/16/14
Very Accurate Bookmarks with Monocle 1/4/14
EFM - Epub for Monocle in Javascript Robert Schroll 12/31/13
Does anyone have a server side epub parser for monocle? DeeperShopping Christian Books 12/30/13
How do you load the Monocle reader without an iFrame? 12/12/13
Total no. of pages in book irrespective of chapterwise chelliah Gomathinayagam 11/21/13
Night Mode Enabling in Monocle chelliah Gomathinayagam 11/21/13
How create selection and deselection mode in monocle chelliah Gomathinayagam 11/21/13
Text Selection issues in Jelly Bean Device chelliah Gomathinayagam 11/21/13
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