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Monocle flickering on page turns in Cordova Android app David Christensen 12/19/14
Book preview function - disable some parts of the book Jatin Patel 12/16/14
Anybody knows of a server-side implementation in node.js for book data object Jatin Patel 12/8/14
get / set current chapter and page number AJ 11/25/14
When the orientation is done page is shifting to next page Vinothini 11/25/14
How to add Bookmarks to Monocle reader? Alain 10/21/14
RTL Language Support OQ 10/18/14
Problem with monocle on iOS using phonegap. Alain 9/29/14
Cache pages AJ 9/29/14
Clicking on a link (<a>) in Monocle reader content Jayesh Bhoot 9/16/14
Monocle reader - decrypt the content before showing to user Arockiasamy Mohanraj 7/30/14
Modifying font color dynamically Ashvin Vinodh 7/25/14
monocle bookmark or note function rodolfo tuble 6/30/14
Monocle setFontScale work for epub or is it only for html? rodolfo tuble 6/30/14
Monocle reader next and previous button rodolfo tuble 6/13/14
can monocle support PDF format? rodolfo tuble 6/4/14
Cannot read property 'onLastPageOfBook' of null rodolfo tuble 6/4/14
Has anyone here done the "book data object" stuff in Ruby? Philip Rhoades P 6/4/14
How to implement Monocle in Android? Karti raman 5/19/14
IMode: hiding and showing the controls imoney91 5/10/14
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