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4th May MoMoEdi: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in IoT and Wearables Geoff Ballinger 4/3/15
16th March MoMoEdi: MWC Studio Session with Interactive Scotland and Kotikan Geoff Ballinger 3/20/15
26th Jan MoMoEdi: The Enterprise App Opportunity Geoff Ballinger 1/9/15
MoMoEdi: Looking forward to 2015! Geoff Ballinger 1/4/15
Product Forge 3 allanclloyds 11/20/14
NSScotland 25-26th October + Swift tutorial 27th October Geoff Ballinger 10/7/14
22nd September MoMoEdi: Practical Mobile Web Geoff Ballinger 9/24/14
Free Product Forge 2 tickets for MoMoEd allanclloyds 9/5/14
9th June MoMoEdi: Minimum Viable apP frameworks Geoff Ballinger 6/17/14
Mobile: Nothing deeply remarkable? Geoff Ballinger 5/15/14
3rd March MoMoEdi: Analytics for Mobile Games and Applications, and MWC14 Impressions Geoff Ballinger 2/28/14
Mobile World Congress 2014 Geoff Ballinger 2/13/14
20th January MoMoEdi: Mobile as an Entrepreneurial Opportunity Geoff Ballinger 2/3/14
Wednesday 4th December: bluenio bring your iPad night Geoff Ballinger 12/2/13
11th October MoMoEdi: Beyond progressive-enhancement, Steph Rieger, Yiibu Geoff Ballinger 10/31/13
Mobile Apps group and Mobile World Congress Geoff Ballinger 2/16/13
Looking for comments on a possible ShakeSpeare Hackday from Mobile perspective. 11/27/12
Speakers for Scottish UXPA events 2013 ryan 11/10/12
WIP Jam at the Turing festival! Geoff Ballinger 8/7/12
Nokia / Microsoft Windows Phone Camp - 30th June, Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh Alisdair Gunn 6/19/12
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