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mod-geocache wmts and Gaia 3 Stijn Tallir 11/20/11
Mapcache with Membase jwelter 11/15/11
Seeder Stijn Tallir 10/25/11
tile merging Wim Vanbelle 10/24/11
Resolutions grid 'g' limited max zoom Wim Vanbelle 10/19/11
mapcache_seed seeder Andrea Borruso 10/9/11
Module installation and demo files Andrea Borruso 10/8/11
Google Maps API v3 integration Paul Spencer 9/28/11
geocache_seed, 2 issues Stijn Tallir 9/9/11
appropriate resolutions for a particulair projection Jean-Marie 8/29/11
mod-geocache for caching the French Géoportail BDavid 8/26/11
Blank tiles Stijn Tallir 8/22/11
need your feedback on configuration file format thomas bonfort 8/16/11
Old aprutil issue. Jerl 8/15/11
Multiple Threads with SQLite Backend Michael Smith 8/15/11
Re: [mod-geocache] Re : Re: Error when trying to set a watermark thomas bonfort 8/3/11
Capabilities document - service metadata Andrew Cowie 7/27/11
sqlite backend for caches thomas bonfort 7/25/11
changes in trunk related to apache configuration format thomas bonfort 7/4/11
Max number of layers (source and tileset sections) in the same config file Arturo 6/13/11
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