Forum to ask questions relating to the mirt and mirtCAT packages in R, as well as discuss IRT analysis more generally. Bug reports or feature requests should be reported on the respective development versions of the packages on Github (mirt-issues, mirtCAT-issues), and evaluated help files can be found on the associated wiki pages (mirt wiki, mirtCAT wiki). 

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Interpreting coefficients with exploratory Extended Mixed-Effect Item Response Model Seongho Bae 9/22/17
Multiple Group Caio Lucidius Naberezny Azevedo 9/21/17
Hot to set a constraint on the guessing parameter Balazs Klein 9/20/17
Multiple group Caio Lucidius Naberezny Azevedo 9/17/17
Statistics of model comparison Caio Lucidius Naberezny Azevedo 9/17/17
Can't seem to fit MIRT model in parallel mrw...@mail.harvard.edu 9/17/17
Adding plots/lines to existing plots Caio Lucidius Naberezny Azevedo 9/15/17
3pl-MIRT(within-item) Can Yang 9/15/17
How do i get/extract absolute fit indices e.g. RMSEA? Fabio 9/13/17
When should add COV in mirt.model()? jeremy keller 9/8/17
How to quick sort out the item to factor? jeremy keller 9/8/17
How to plot SEM path diagram? jeremy keller 9/8/17
What's the item remove standard based on h2? jeremy keller 9/8/17
How to reduce the large singlegroupclass size when just doing fscores? jeremy keller 9/8/17
incresing iteration Seongho Bae 9/5/17
Formula to calculate the expected probability Yinny Wan 9/4/17
ability estimation for multidimensionnal scale hendl...@gmail.com 9/1/17
Factor scores after GRM estimation to be appended to dataset Paul Kamudoni 8/30/17
Difficulties estimating large two-tier model Dirk Pelt 8/30/17
mirtCluster() in Linux S.A. Mousavi 8/29/17
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