Forum to ask questions relating to the mirt and mirtCAT packages in R, as well discussing IRT analysis more generally. Bug reports or feature requests should be reported on the respective development versions on Github using the "Issues" tool. 

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Convergence problems with three-dimensional 3PL model Darrin Grelle 3/31/15
Graded Response Model (Samejima) & M2 statistics ibaldauf 3/27/15
Can't the MHRM calculate information matrix in the model for MI estimation? Seongho Bae 3/27/15
Difference between grsm and rsm model Irshad Mujawar 3/27/15
use of 'degree' argument to obtain test information tanya longabach 3/23/15
problem with shiny environment on my computer Pierre Michel 3/19/15
Color bug in: type = 'infotrace', facet_items = TRUE Danilo Assis Pereira 3/17/15
bfactor function: factor loadings and weights Benjamin Euen 3/16/15
Model multiple latent variables based on recoded items Kristian Hristov 3/13/15
How to applying rotation criterion on IRT parameters via mod2values in context of an Exploratory model? Seongho Bae 3/13/15
Development of Short Form Scale using mirt package Yuen Wan Ho 3/13/15
Identical command mirt(data, 1, "gpcm") leads do different results. Gregor Liegl 3/11/15
Convert "coef(mod, IRTpars=TRUE)" in a table format Danilo Assis Pereira 3/10/15
Re-name axes from itemplot() in two dimensional MIRT Garett Howardson 3/5/15
shift model over theta continuum Dr. Hans Hansen 3/4/15
goodness of fit X2 Yutaro Sakamoto 3/4/15
How can I interpret RE (relative efficiency) in multigroup analysis? Danilo Assis Pereira 3/3/15
Let some factors in a multidimensional IRT CFA correlate, but restrain others Kristian Hristov 3/3/15
Can I know what's going on in my multiple group analysis? Seongho Bae 3/2/15
question on mirtCAT Pierre Michel 3/1/15
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