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How many items are needed to calculate M2 Statistic? Seongho Bae 7/5/14
Default Number of Quadrature Points for MultipleGroup Function Quintin Love 6/30/14
mirt 1.4 on CRAN Phil Chalmers 6/23/14
90% Confidence Interval of RMSEA.M2 statistic Seongho Bae 6/20/14
graph plotting issues Seongho Bae 6/20/14
CFA Latent Correlations Desiderat Konglomerat 6/16/14
data simulation with mirt Kif Cu 6/15/14
createItem() for creating custom graded and gpcm items Phil Chalmers 6/11/14
theta_lim & EAPsum Dr. Hans Hansen 6/10/14
Convergence criterion Patrick Meyer 6/8/14
response.pattern and data.frame Dr. Hans Hansen 6/6/14
bfactor function: factor loadings and weights Benjamin Euen 6/5/14
Does 'mirt' calculate categorical item factor analysis (CIFA)? Danilo Assis Pereira 5/19/14
RESOLVED: mirt.model error while defining covariance terms Nishant Verma 5/15/14
anova df Olivia Bertelli 5/13/14
On Person Fit in mirt Amin 5/13/14
The M2 function doesn't support multicore? Seongho Bae 5/10/14
Anchor a set of items Fabio hernan Tejedor 5/7/14
How to obtain theta (latent trait values) from my data? Danilo Assis Pereira 5/7/14
three dimensional model - factor covariance Jason Lamprianou 5/6/14
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