Forum to ask questions relating to the mirt and mirtCAT packages in R, as well as discuss IRT analysis more generally. Bug reports or feature requests should be reported on the respective development versions of the packages on Github (mirt-issues, mirtCAT-issues), and evaluated help files can be found on the wiki. 

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Running Bilog-mg vertical equating example in MultipleGroup with little item overlap between groups Donald Rock 11/25/15
graded response model with discrimination constraint randyp 11/23/15
Cannot estimate slope parameter of nominal model KK Sasa 11/19/15
createItem Carl Falk 11/18/15
Question about Zh-Value and Number of Variables Juliane Rutsch 11/13/15
residuals error Aaron Kaat 11/13/15
Looking for MIRT example of analysis of Mixed-Format tests Jim Chen 11/12/15
Students who got answers correct scoring lower than ones that missed all questions Eduardo Bonet 11/6/15
Data simulation ibaldauf 11/6/15
gradient Carl Falk 10/25/15
Confusing fscores()-results Chris 10/21/15
Inconsistent D = 1.702? Michael 10/15/15
Multidimensional bi-factor model with multinomial data Mustafa Yildiz 10/15/15
Comparison of theta: mirt versus probit Juliane Venturelli 10/11/15
Differential Item Functioning using multigroup Virginia Ros 9/30/15
Can I fit a Thurstonian IRT model with mirt? Seongho Bae 9/30/15
Latent Variable constraints and Graded response item effects Mark White 9/28/15
bias and rmsd Kiff Cu 9/25/15
Is ability obtained by fscores function normalized? Irshad Mujawar 9/23/15
Error: data contains completely empty response patterns. Please remove Virginia Ros 9/21/15
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