Forum to ask questions relating to the mirt and mirtCAT packages in R, as well as discuss IRT analysis more generally. Bug reports or feature requests should be reported on the respective development versions of the packages on Github (mirt-issues, mirtCAT-issues), and evaluated help files can be found on the associated wiki pages (mirt wiki, mirtCAT wiki). 

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"M2 cannot be calulated since df is too low" I. L. H. 5/28/17
Should we control for latent group differences or not? Nikos Tsigilis 5/28/17
comparing the results of two models in item level Balal Ezanloo 5/27/17
Interpretation of parameter estimates from an EIRM model with only fixed effects Sabeeh Baig 5/25/17
equating of MIRT models created with the mirt package Mike Altieri 5/21/17
maximum information for two dimesion Balal Ezanloo 5/18/17
Error related to removeEmptyRows=TRUE chest...@gmail.com 5/18/17
C2 Caihong Li 5/15/17
logit scale Balal Ezanloo 5/15/17
time consumming Balal Ezanloo 5/13/17
Operating Characteristic Curve BP 5/9/17
Re: difficulty parameters in 2PL models fitting Phil Chalmers 5/9/17
Invariant model - not invariant d's Nikos Tsigilis 5/8/17
Strange discrepancy between multipleGroup function and IRTPRO Nikos Tsigilis 5/7/17
how to fix some of the item parameters (but not all) Emily Bo 5/5/17
Computing fit statistics for bifactor model Sabeeh Baig 4/28/17
Polychoric correlations in mirt. Possible? Elia Emmers 4/26/17
Two questions regarding repeated-measures data and something about explanatory item response models Sabeeh Baig 4/26/17
Questions about using the createItem() and the mirt.model() at the same time Yingbin Zhang 4/24/17
Plausible values in multidimensional IRT Yutaro Sakamoto 4/24/17
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