Forum to ask questions relating to the mirt and mirtCAT packages in R, as well discussing IRT analysis more generally. Bug reports or feature requests should be reported on the respective development versions on Github using the "Issues" tool. 

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Graded Response Model bruno....@gmail.com 4/26/15
M2 after bfactor Makrem Ben Youssef 4/24/15
On Person Fit in mirt Amin 4/24/15
Issue with itemfit() and DIF() Matthew Sigal 4/22/15
mirt: Target argument Laurien Adriaenssens 4/22/15
The direction of parameter 'd' in 2PLM is same with Item trace lines? Seongho Bae 4/21/15
Problem in using mirtCAT() function Irshad Mujawar 4/20/15
Problem with M2 statistic Makrem Ben Youssef 4/19/15
Unidimensional CAT problem lucas bozza 4/17/15
mixed mirt, fixed effects with polytomous IRT model Gregor Liegl 4/17/15
Re: mirt.model() function Phil Chalmers 4/15/15
Multiple nonlinear constraints KK Sasa 4/7/15
Convergence problems with three-dimensional 3PL model Darrin Grelle 3/31/15
Graded Response Model (Samejima) & M2 statistics ibaldauf 3/27/15
Can't the MHRM calculate information matrix in the model for MI estimation? Seongho Bae 3/27/15
Difference between grsm and rsm model Irshad Mujawar 3/27/15
use of 'degree' argument to obtain test information tanya longabach 3/23/15
problem with shiny environment on my computer Pierre Michel 3/19/15
Color bug in: type = 'infotrace', facet_items = TRUE Danilo Assis Pereira 3/17/15
bfactor function: factor loadings and weights Benjamin Euen 3/16/15
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