Forum to ask questions relating to the mirt and mirtCAT packages in R, as well as discuss IRT analysis more generally. Bug reports or feature requests should be reported on the respective development versions of the packages on Github (mirt-issues, mirtCAT-issues), and evaluated help files can be found on the associated wiki pages (mirt wiki, mirtCAT wiki). 

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Re: Change the interval of the outputted abilities in mirt Phil Chalmers 11:53 AM
Parameters and Scores Standard Errors Flavio Fiuza 11:50 AM
Multiple group analysis: free covs, vars and means? Dirk Pelt 11:50 AM
Multiple raters and multiple items question Nils Myszkowski 11:45 AM
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Latent Variable Estimation Daniel Davis 12/4/17
Nominal Model - Data Matrix Leigh Allison 12/2/17
how to estimate a (future) score when item response pattern is not represented in fscores table Steven Vannoy 12/1/17
Item Selection using ShadowCAT approach Irshad Mujawar 11/29/17
IRT model fit indices AM 11/27/17
plotting item characteristic curves for all items in the data Irshad Mujawar 11/25/17
bad item fit Aiden loe 11/25/17
simulating multilevel data Seongho Bae 11/25/17
Can I simulate data with factor loadings only? Seongho Bae 11/25/17
ability estimation for the mixed format test Serpil çelikten 11/25/17
prior distribution of parameter Theta and some other questions. Can Yang 11/21/17
Multiple Group Caio Lucidius Naberezny Azevedo 11/15/17
Theta 1 and theta 2 standinl...@gmail.com 11/15/17
df=1e+10 standinl...@gmail.com 11/15/17
BILOG Vs. MIRT Flavio Fiuza 11/9/17
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