Forum to ask questions relating to the mirt and mirtCAT packages in R, as well as discuss IRT analysis more generally. Bug reports or feature requests should be reported on the respective development versions of the packages on Github (mirt-issues, mirtCAT-issues), and evaluated help files can be found on the associated wiki pages (mirt wiki, mirtCAT wiki). 

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Trace Line Plots Problem A.Faruk KILIÇ 12/1/16
plot issue in multipleGroup Giacomo Mason 12/1/16
mirtCluster() in Linux S.A. Mousavi 11/30/16
Why all the coefficients are negative? A.Faruk KILIÇ 11/30/16
Difficulty and guessing model petraw...@gmail.com 11/24/16
plot(..,type='rxx') S.A. Mousavi 11/21/16
Item Characteristic Function in mirt package Sukanya Moudgalya 11/18/16
Urgent: Error in mirt? Diah Wihardini 11/14/16
Using anchored item parameters Diah Wihardini 11/13/16
Calibration with BIB - Balanced Incomplete Blocks Pedro Henrique Araujo 11/10/16
Learning gain comparison in MIRT Micha van den Enk 11/10/16
How to include multiple "demographics" inputs in mirtCAT? Tim K. 11/2/16
The direction of parameter 'd' in 2PLM is same with Item trace lines? Seongho Bae 10/30/16
setting starting values pda...@ucdavis.edu 10/27/16
sample independence of IRT Balazs Klein 10/24/16
Error: data contains completely empty response patterns. Please remove Virginia Ros 10/20/16
Problem using "EAPsum" in fscores Eva de Schipper 10/20/16
Implement new nominal response model Seongho Bae 10/19/16
Estimation of dynamic models? Staffan Betnér 10/19/16
"SE=T" in MIRT Yutaro Sakamoto 10/17/16
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