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MINIX 3 is a new open-source operating system designed to be highly reliable, flexible, and secure. It is loosely based somewhat on previous versions of MINIX, but is fundamentally different in many key ways. MINIX 1 and 2 were intended as teaching tools; MINIX 3 adds the new goal of being usable as a serious system on resource-limited and embedded computers and for applications requiring high reliability. See the website  for more information.

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option -static breaks exception handling in clang 3.4 r0ller 6/23/15
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Minix 3 as a VPS nerd65 6/16/15
changing in struct proc cause minix freeze TAMINIX 6/9/15
can't change anewly added struct attibute to struct proc except using #define TAMINIX 6/9/15
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