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My best print yet! the_digital_dentist 6/19/17
Vinyl for vinyl cutter hal 6/19/17
Attn Dennis! the_digital_dentist 6/18/17
I'm in need of several thousand Nerdy Derby 3D printed / laser cut wheels motrdr 6/17/17
Magnetic Drill - Invisible joints! Chris Hemmerly 6/15/17
Repair/DIY Hacks on 5 Minute Crafts Brant 6/14/17
Week of Making Pete Prodoehl 6/13/17
Cool Makerspace Tour felisha 6/13/17
Cancel 3D printing Job. Urgent. Taylor Waddell 6/13/17
Meeting Reminder for 2017-06-13 6/13/17
Adam Savage Assembles the Maker Puzzle! kathy.hughett 6/12/17
Left lamp project at space this afternoon Steven Birkholz 6/12/17
Metal-working help korteco 6/12/17
CNC Bits For Wood felisha 6/12/17
What Have You Been Hacking/Making [2017-06-12 edition] 6/12/17
Looking for a welder Gabriel Albert 6/10/17
Audio equipment available Tom Gralewicz 6/7/17
woodworkers- have you seen this? the_digital_dentist 6/7/17
Meeting Reminder for 2017-06-06 6/6/17
I left UMMD in the meeting area without a parking permit. the_digital_dentist 6/5/17
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