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MakerSpace Newbie (An introduction to me) - Woodshop Checkout Please Ryan Desmond 9/21/16
Meeting Reminder for 2016-09-20 9/20/16
scratch blocks in casting area kaylaschroeder 9/20/16
Artemis Starship Bridge Setup on Thursday & Friday Scott Swanson 9/19/16
Doors Open 2016 Volunteers! Brant 9/19/16
Cutting Plexyglass stormcloak 9/19/16
What Have You Been Hacking/Making [2016-09-19 edition] 9/19/16
Recent Maker Faire Coverage Pete Prodoehl 9/18/16
Looking for someone to help haul a paving roller for Maker Faire... Tony 9/16/16
Carpet cleaner Karen Pauli 9/16/16
Volunteer at Maker Faire Milwaukee carl.stevens 9/16/16
Pleasant Prairie Mini Maker Faire Pete Prodoehl 9/16/16
Getting added to member only mailing list Jake Stendel 9/15/16
Question on LCDs in the electronics recycling bin Keith McMillan 9/15/16
Old HiFi Cabinet Matt Richardson 9/14/16
Caliper Trade In Deal - IMTS james4875 9/14/16
Desktop Waterjet - WAZER ChrisH 9/13/16
Meeting Reminder for 2016-09-13 9/13/16
opninions of latest Adobe CC Matthew Neesley 9/12/16
What Have You Been Hacking/Making [2016-09-12 edition] 9/12/16
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