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Next 4x8 CNC Training Steve Pilon 10/11/17
Meeting Reminder for 2017-10-10 10/10/17
Laser Room Jim Rawson 10/10/17
Today's Events: 2017-10-10 10/10/17
Source needed for 80/20 45 degree angle Richard Bowman 10/9/17
Wienermobile = Winnermobile!? Pete Prodoehl 10/9/17
Pressure cooker for vacuum chamber (casting) Richard Bowman 10/8/17
What Have You Been Hacking/Making [2017-10-02 edition] 10/8/17
Easy Halloween Upcycle Hack Kathryn H. 10/7/17
B&D Jig Saw Jim Rawson 10/4/17
Electromagnetic Levitation! Pete Prodoehl 10/3/17
Help with turning a file into a knife John O 10/3/17
Computer trouble/question J.Dugan 10/3/17
Meeting Reminder for 2017-10-03 10/3/17
Mechanic question about cars, looking to figure out a problem... cpunltd 10/2/17
Vinyl Express LXi 7 J.Dugan 10/1/17
Amazing storage at Makerspace Kathryn H. 9/30/17
Impact drill nicholasystad08 9/29/17
39 hours and 781g of filament later... the_digital_dentist 9/29/17
Mark Rehorst Karen Pauli 9/29/17
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