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This is the Google Groups Web Interface for the mifos-users mailing list.  This web interface provides an easy to use forum like format for posting to the mailing list. It is the best way to get support from our entire community. 

To post to Mifos Users, you must FIRST sign up for the mailing list for permission to post to the list via email.   

Once registered for the actual list, you can then sign up for the Google Group to post via the web/forum format. 

Please keep in mind these etiquette tips to get quick and thorough responses to your questions. 

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[Mifos-users] SURVEY: Snapshot of Current Mifos Users Ed Cable 10/28/11
[Mifos-users] How to Import Loans with Decimal Nominal Rate using Data Import tool Stebbins Tugara 7/28/16
[Mifos-users] mailing list Moses Ngugi 7/25/16
[Mifos-users] mossw...@gmail.com Moses Ngugi 7/25/16
Re: [Mifos-users] [Voting] Does bulk import feature (a.k.a. Data Import Tool) should be part of core platform Dayna Harp 7/24/16
[Mifos-users] Weekly GSOC Update Ed Cable 7/21/16
[Mifos-users] .deb package. Immanuel Jeyaraj 7/21/16
[Mifos-users] Mifos X User Training Videos in Spanish Ed Cable 7/18/16
[Mifos-users] REMINDER: User Meetup Hosted by Mifos Thursday at 1430GMT via GoToTraining Ed Cable 7/13/16
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 253, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 7/13/16
[Mifos-users] Not able to login with mifos/password Suraj Mundada 7/8/16
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 252, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 7/8/16
[Mifos-users] Notes from Weekly Google Summer of Code Check-Ins Ed Cable 7/7/16
[Mifos-users] Fwd: Immanuel Jeyaraj 6/30/16
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 250, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 6/29/16
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 251, Issue 2 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 6/29/16
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 251, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 6/27/16
[Mifos-users] MIFOSX - 16.06.01.RELEASE on Staging Environment Adi Raju 6/27/16
[Mifos-users] Issues with Teller/cashier Management ayuk etta 6/27/16
[Mifos-users] REMINDER: Mifos X 16.05 Showcase during User Meeting Hosted by Mifos this Thursday at 1400GMT Ed Cable 6/16/16
[Mifos-users] Client search not working Virutcham MifosX 6/15/16
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