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This is the Google Groups Web Interface for the mifos-users mailing list.  This web interface provides an easy to use forum like format for posting to the mailing list. It is the best way to get support from our entire community. 

To post to Mifos Users, you must FIRST sign up for the mailing list for permission to post to the list via email.   

Once registered for the actual list, you can then sign up for the Google Group to post via the web/forum format. 

Please keep in mind these etiquette tips to get quick and thorough responses to your questions. 

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[Mifos-users] SURVEY: Snapshot of Current Mifos Users Ed Cable 10/28/11
[Mifos-users] FEEDBACK: Use Cases and Requirements for Android Self-Service App 2.0 Ed Cable 3/27/17
[Mifos-users] Need Help with Setting Up the chart of Accounts on Mifos X Onyedikachi Nwosu 3/24/17
[Mifos-users] Web/Community App Enhancements for 2017 GSOC Idea Ed Cable 3/20/17
[Mifos-users] Attaching documents at center or Level srinivasa Rao Yedida 3/17/17
[Mifos-users] Mifos X Android Client Version 3.0 Now Available on Google Play Ed Cable 3/9/17
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 273, Issue 3 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 3/8/17
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 273, Issue 2 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 3/8/17
[Mifos-users] Re-skinned and Re-designed Mifos X Web App (community app) now available for testing and development Ed Cable 3/8/17
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 273, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 3/8/17
[Mifos-users] Naming convention for Pull requests related to new_reskin branch Mohit Bajoria 3/8/17
Re: [Mifos-users] Connecting mifos Android app Christopher Stewart 3/8/17
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 272, Issue 3 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 3/3/17
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 272, Issue 2 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 3/1/17
Re: [Mifos-users] Deploying of Bootstrapped UI Ed Cable 3/1/17
[Mifos-users] Mifos Initiative has been Accepted into the 2017 Google Summer of Code! Ed Cable 3/1/17
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 272, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 3/1/17
[Mifos-users] Service Tax for Loan Charges Thomas Varghese 2/22/17
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 271, Issue 2 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 2/21/17
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 271, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 2/20/17
[Mifos-users] Google Summer of Code 2017 Ideas list being Finalized Ed Cable 2/8/17
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