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This is the Google Groups Web Interface for the mifos-users mailing list.  This web interface provides an easy to use forum like format for posting to the mailing list. It is the best way to get support from our entire community. 

To post to Mifos Users, you must FIRST sign up for the mailing list for permission to post to the list via email.   

Once registered for the actual list, you can then sign up for the Google Group to post via the web/forum format. 

Please keep in mind these etiquette tips to get quick and thorough responses to your questions. 

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[Mifos-users] SURVEY: Snapshot of Current Mifos Users Ed Cable 10/28/11
[Mifos-users] Restoring Database Chadwick Bennett 5:05 AM
[Mifos-users] Unexpected additional charge in ledger Arvind Sujeeth 11/23/15
[Mifos-users] Please try to reproduce error on community test server Release Version: 15.11.2.RELEASE | Mifos X Release Date: 18/Nov/2015 Joe Leatherman 11/22/15
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 229, Issue 2 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 11/19/15
[Mifos-users] MIFOSX - 15.11.2.RELEASE Adi Raju 11/18/15
[Mifos-users] Treatment of Surplus Payments on Loans (Overpayment/Refund/etc) Ed Cable 11/17/15
[Mifos-users] Charges due at time of disbursement Ed Cable 11/17/15
[Mifos-users] Overdue fees Georg Steiger 11/17/15
[Mifos-users] Ability to recognise VAT on charges Sander van der Heyden 11/16/15
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 229, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 11/16/15
Re: [Mifos-users] Mifos Templates Dayna Harp 11/16/15
Re: [Mifos-users] [Mifos-developer] Hi, Adi Narayan Raju Adi Raju 11/13/15
[Mifos-users] REMINDER: Community Roundtable on Product Roadmap - Friday Nov 13 at 1300GMT Ed Cable 11/12/15
[Mifos-users] MIFOSX - 15.11.1.RELEASE Adi Raju 11/7/15
[Mifos-users] Unable to enter Productive collection sheet srinivasa Rao Yedida 11/6/15
[Mifos-users] Dont calculate interest on Advance loan payment Daud Rauf 11/5/15
[Mifos-users] RESCHEDULED: Community Roundtable on 2016 Product Roadmap: Moved to Friday Nov 13 at 1300GMT Ed Cable 11/4/15
[Mifos-users] Release Version: 15.09.4.RELEASE | Mifos X Release Date: 21/Sep/2015 This Release is keeping UNDONE PAYMETS still check marked as paid then is adding 2 due payments to the reports. Joe Leatherman 10/28/15
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 228, Issue 3 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 10/28/15
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 228, Issue 2 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 10/28/15
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