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This is the Google Groups Web Interface for the mifos-users mailing list.  This web interface provides an easy to use forum like format for posting to the mailing list. It is the best way to get support from our entire community. 

To post to Mifos Users, you must FIRST sign up for the mailing list for permission to post to the list via email.   

Once registered for the actual list, you can then sign up for the Google Group to post via the web/forum format. 

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[Mifos-users] SURVEY: Snapshot of Current Mifos Users Ed Cable 10/28/11
Re: [Mifos-users] Changing the default log out time in Mifos X Ver 17 Sampath Kumar G 5/21/18
[Mifos-users] Ability to Print Repayment Schedule Diane via Mifos-users 5/21/18
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[Mifos-users] More insight on Teller/Cashier management Ndam Arouna 5/15/18
[Mifos-users] expired password DIgital Telecom via Mifos-users 5/14/18
[Mifos-users] Error when importing .xls file Mifos X Release 18.03 Abiy Atsbha 5/13/18
[Mifos-users] Fwd: [JIRA] (MIFOSX-2847) Uable to approve share account in 18.03 Release Abiy Atsbha 5/12/18
Re: [Mifos-users] (no subject) Abiy Atsbha 5/9/18
[Mifos-users] Unable to approve a share account Abiy Atsbha 5/8/18
[Mifos-users] VAT Tax Withholding Greg Keers 5/7/18
[Mifos-users] For All Mifos users yoftahe mekonnen 5/3/18
[Mifos-users] Transfer interest to linked savings account error Christopher Stewart 5/2/18
[Mifos-users] Need More insight on Account linked to financial activity and migration of opening balances Ndam Arouna 5/2/18
[Mifos-users] How can I enable 2FA (Two factor authentication) in the latest Mifos X 18.03 release Abiy Atsbha 5/2/18
Re: [Mifos-users] Hello Everyone Abiy Atsbha 5/2/18
[Mifos-users] hi , i have created the DayBook report, Active clients on date report and also Demand sheet for for JLG loans . Ramesh Ram 4/30/18
[Mifos-users] Help Mifos 18.03.01 Serge Consty via Mifos-users 4/26/18
[Mifos-users] Clarification on Opening Balance Contra Account cynthia epolle 4/26/18
[Mifos-users] mifos x 18 bulk import error Roshan Ratnaweera 4/23/18
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