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This is the Google Groups Web Interface for the mifos-users mailing list.  This web interface provides an easy to use forum like format for posting to the mailing list. It is the best way to get support from our entire community. 

To post to Mifos Users, you must FIRST sign up for the mailing list for permission to post to the list via email.   

Once registered for the actual list, you can then sign up for the Google Group to post via the web/forum format. 

Please keep in mind these etiquette tips to get quick and thorough responses to your questions. 

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[Mifos-users] SURVEY: Snapshot of Current Mifos Users Ed Cable 10/28/11
[Mifos-users] REMINDER: Mifos User Meetup today, Thursday July 11 at 1530GMT Ed Cable 3:27 AM
[Mifos-users] Mifos X Reporting Training Session Ed Cable 1:29 AM
[Mifos-users] Loan collateral issues Samuel NSHIMYUMUKIZA 12:04 AM
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 181, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 12:04 AM
Re: [Mifos-users] [Mifos-developer] Pentaho Reports in Mifos X Santosh Math 7/7/14
[Mifos-users] Export Report in CSV doesn't Work in Google Chrome Diane 7/7/14
[Mifos-users] Maximum size of the image and documents which can be uploaded in MifosX Santosh Math 7/4/14
[Mifos-users] Unable to apply advance Collection center wise srinivasa Rao Yedida 7/4/14
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 180, Issue 2 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 7/4/14
[Mifos-users] Register for the Mifos X Data Import Tool Training on Tues July 8 at 1300GMT Ed Cable 7/3/14
[Mifos-users] How can users be allowed to change their own password but not allowed to change their username Diane 7/3/14
[Mifos-users] help(Internal Server Error 500) test s 7/2/14
[Mifos-users] Failed to connect to remote VM. Connection refused. Connection refused: connec test s 7/2/14
[Mifos-users] Accounting Softwares Compatible with Mifos Kevin Kimani 7/2/14
Mifos-users Digest, Vol 180, Issue 1 mifos-use...@lists.sourceforge.net 7/1/14
[Mifos-users] help test s 7/1/14
[Mifos-users] unable to login to second tenant on mifosX local installation tunde soetan 6/30/14
[Mifos-users] Add client from Clients and add client from groups as group members don't point to the same form Diane 6/30/14
[Mifos-users] Interested in launch your own Mifos X SaaS offering? Attend the Corent Webinar on July 2 at 1400GMT Ed Cable 6/30/14
[Mifos-users] Deploying Mifos X on Two Separate Servers Diane 6/30/14
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