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Metrics 3.1.0 released! Ryan Tenney 9/10/14
Looking for a reporter that exposes metrics through integrated http server Roel R 6:10 AM
How can I extend meter to measure more time ranges? Niels Ull Harremoës 4/28/16
Prometheus support Victor Tatai 4/27/16
Help needed to use com.codahale.metrics.servlet.InstrumentedFilter arun kumar 4/26/16
Metrics-scala 3.5.4 released Erik van Oosten 4/10/16
Metrics-reporter-config: how to configure other reporters? Tom van den Berge 3/30/16
Confused about mean reported by metric, what is the snapshot exactly? 3/30/16
Metrics 3.1.1 & 3.1.2 releases? Kai 3/30/16
Overriding HealthCheckServlet in AdminServlet Dadepo Aderemi 3/29/16
looking for a port to C/C++ Nir Dothan 3/17/16
Metrics-scala 3.5.3 released Erik van Oosten 3/13/16
Non-numeric Gauges? Tyler Tolley 3/4/16
Extending timers - could some more methods in MetricRegistry be made protected? Niels Ull Harremoës 3/2/16
histogram buckets 3/1/16
Reporter gist for sending JSON to arbitrary HTTP endpoint Jonny Wray 2/25/16
Anyone interested in metric-ing to CloudWatch? Benson Margulies 2/15/16
Reporting to CloudWatch Benson Margulies 2/10/16
could you explain how max duration timer works? Julien 2/8/16
Metrics not calculated Rahul Agarwal 2/8/16
Reporting only specific metrics for Timers and Histograms Salil Surendran 1/24/16
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