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Updated our API documentation on the dev portal. Joyce Stack 6/26/14
ANNOUNCEMENT: New Mendeley API and developer portal released. Joyce Stack 6/16/14
Announcing the Mendeley StackOverFlow tag. Joyce Stack 6/5/14
Migration to OAuth2 Rosario García De Zúñiga 5/13/14
New OAuth2 applications management page Mendeley Open API Developers 4/3/14
Papers on Mendeley with no readers? Robin Haunschild 1/16/15
Retrieving all documents of one discipline Taifun Delemni 12/3/14
subdiscipline naming scheme Robin Haunschild 10/24/14
Graphic software most populary muhammad sulton 9/22/14
Get own posts Davide Crivelli 9/16/14
Unsure how to get next page in /search/catalog Павел Малай 8/18/14
Getting a simple error with the mendeley-api-python-catalog example Ian Mulvany 8/13/14
Fwd: Sort order for -> stragename ppcttest 8/1/14
update group documents? Chris Scheller 7/30/14
Are there any APIs to get the file in RIS/BibTex formats? stragename ppcttest 7/28/14
Downloading File API Error Elias 7/25/14
topics/by area-journal search Alexander Garcia Castro 7/4/14
Python example just released to GitHub Joyce Stack 6/18/14
Authorization/access token exchange fails with 403 Stefan Washietl 6/18/14
Problem with getting an accestoken Daniel H. 6/17/14
Getting 500: Server Error when creating new document Sayooran N 6/3/14
Maintenance scheduled - May 28th at 10AM GMT Joyce Stack 5/28/14
Frustration with the API (Do we really need our own OAUTH 2.0 server for personal use?) Kyle Thompson 5/13/14
oauth 2.0 java in mendeley Ángel Rafael González Toro 5/8/14
OAuth 2.0 python client Joyce Stack 5/7/14
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