This group provides support to users of the Mega2 “Manipulation Environment for Genetic Analyses” program, which is a data-handling program for facilitating genetic linkage and association analyses. Mega2 is available from  and Mega2 documentation is available here.

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Mega2 install error Teresa Filshtein 12/20/17
Our R package Mega2R is now available in CRAN Dan Weeks 11/9/17
errors "illegal affect", "disconnected", "check_ped_relations" WARNING -> Unconnected entries Angela Parody 10/25/17
Loop breaking and Mendel output file bugs Nandita Mukhopadhyay 8/5/15
SimWalk2 format conversion Nandita Mukhopadhyay 8/5/15
error '' may not be installed Jessica Perez Alquicira 7/30/15
Mega2 v4.8.0 released: now reads IMPUTE2 format input Dan Weeks 6/13/15
segmentation fault Arija 4/2/15
Mega2 v4.7.0 assumes trait is dichotomous by default when reading from a PLINK fam file. Dan Weeks 6/13/14
Encountered error about more than two alleles seen for 2 bit compression Dan Weeks 11/26/13
Mega2 v4.5.8: Compilation problems on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 Dan Weeks 6/11/13