Welcome to the Mechanical Sympathy group.  This group is for discussing how to code sympathetically to and measure the underlying stack/platform so good performance can be extracted.

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Interesting (and weird) kernel behavior about hugepage pool at kernel 3.13 Tony Guan 12/13/17
JVM detection of thread at safepoint Mark Price 12/6/17
How badly do JFR stack traces lie? Remko Popma 12/3/17
Master thesis in mechanical sympathy, Java performance. John Hening 11/29/17
allocation memory in Java John Hening 11/20/17
A simple function in Java and JITed version of it John Hening 11/19/17
Executing thread by JVM. John Hening 11/13/17
sun.misc.Unsafe.getAndAddInt implementation, question. John Hening 10/17/17
Befuddling deadlock (lock held but not in stack?) Todd Lipcon 10/12/17
Approximate latency number for the pyramid of speed. Rupert Smith 10/1/17
Is compareAndSet pessimistic? Carl Mastrangelo 9/29/17
jvm stuck in SafepointSynchronize::begin() yang liu 9/28/17
Measuring latency of a function call Nathan Fisher 9/25/17
Lock and Little's Law Dain Ironfoot 9/22/17
ConcurrentHashMap size() method could read stale value? yang liu 9/18/17
Stuck data in disruptor 9/11/17
Optimal disruptor size 9/10/17
How to efficiently upload file chunks Martin Grotzke 9/10/17
REST for comms (GOTO 2015 talk) Ziad Hatahet 9/4/17
Linux futex_wait() bug... [Yes. You read that right. UPDATE to LATEST PATCHES NOW]. Gil Tene 9/4/17
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