Welcome to the Mechanical Sympathy group.  This group is for discussing how to code sympathetically to and measure the underlying stack/platform so good performance can be extracted.

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what is available in intel vtune that cannot be done with perf/pmc today ? ymo 7:22 AM
How to sequence messages we sent to client and find bugs Vero K. 8/21/16
Aeron Memory Visibility Dominik Konik 8/21/16
Lynx Queue - a new SP/SC queue Chris Miller 8/17/16
Unchecked exceptions for IO considered harmful. Kevin Burton 8/15/16
Introductory presentation about Mechanical Sympathy / Low level JVM details Attila-Mihaly Balazs 8/9/16
Double HdrHistogram encoding clifford goldberg 8/8/16
JVMLS and JCrete 2016 session videos Marshall Pierce 8/5/16
Benchmarking the cost of primitive operations on the JVM Attila-Mihaly Balazs 8/5/16
Maximizing inter-core memory bandwidth/minimizing latency in Broadwell Xeon v4? Simon Thornington 8/1/16
How to get better at Mechanical Sympathy? Smit Shah 7/31/16
QSBR Francesco Nigro 7/29/16
Weird behaviour in C++ OneToOneConcurrentArrayQueue Dominik Konik 7/26/16
How does the jsr 133 enforce the Java memory model David Wales 7/18/16
High Performance Self Starter Curriculum Sean T Allen 7/18/16
Making sense of Memory Barriers Dain Ironfoot 7/10/16
Can Aeron UDP totally replace TCP for communication? Gazit Gu 6/30/16
JIT compiler monitoring/tuning Brian Toal 6/22/16
Theoretical lowest latency across same socket André Monteiro 6/16/16
Latency induced by support processes Avi Kivity 6/13/16
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