Welcome to the Mechanical Sympathy group.  This group is for discussing how to code sympathetically to and measure the underlying stack/platform so good performance can be extracted.

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Futex flood Дмитрий Пеньков 1/23/17
Circuit breaker pattern Shripad Agashe 1/20/17
Operation Reordering Francesco Nigro 1/18/17
Is Parallel Programming Hard, And, If So, What Can You Do About It? Ivan Valeriani 1/16/17
A Little Bit of Nostalgia Ben Evans 1/14/17
Epoch Based Reclamation Francesco Nigro 1/9/17
Method inlining: why does MaxInlineLevel exist? Peter Veentjer 1/7/17
How hardware implements CAS Yunpeng Li 1/6/17
Who is the first one invented lock-free MPMC circular buffer youchao xue 1/6/17
Systematic Process to Reduce Linux OS Jitter Jean Dagenais 1/5/17
Guard page on Linux/GCC? Alex Snaps 1/5/17
US Presidents and Computing Security Ben Cotton 1/2/17
How to Emulate Web Traffic Using Standard Load Testing Tools Gary Mulder 12/28/16
Usage of Linux services for Spring Boot applications 12/25/16
UTF-8 vectorization Mark Figura 12/23/16
Modern Garbage Collection (good article) Greg Young 12/22/16
Any serious Rust users here? Vitaly Davidovich 12/22/16
Does percentile metrics follow the rules of summations? Gaurav Abbi 12/21/16
Fast serialization for Java Hải Nguyễn 12/21/16
private final static optimization Peter Veentjer 12/19/16
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