Welcome to the Mechanical Sympathy group.  This group is for discussing how to code sympathetically to and measure the underlying stack/platform so good performance can be extracted.

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Can Aeron UDP totally replace TCP for communication? Gazit Gu 12:00 AM
JIT compiler monitoring/tuning Brian Toal 6/22/16
Making sense of Memory Barriers Dain Ironfoot 6/22/16
How to get better at Mechanical Sympathy? Smit Shah 6/19/16
Theoretical lowest latency across same socket André Monteiro 6/16/16
Latency induced by support processes Avi Kivity 6/13/16
Question on consuming queues Alexandru Nedelcu 6/9/16
Garbage-free Log4j docs preview Remko Popma 6/7/16
Mechanical sympathy in scripting languages? William Pietri 6/4/16
synchronizing between java and native threads ymo 6/4/16
Malloc After Greg Young 5/20/16
More detail on outliers with HdrHistogram Richard Cole 5/18/16
Mpsc ringbuffer Agrona Francesco Nigro 5/18/16
Scripting Java Mission Control.. Kevin Burton 5/15/16
hdrHistogram usage example Vero K. 5/4/16
Garbage-free log4j: request for feedback on measurement methodology Remko Popma 5/1/16
Irqbalance Strategies Kyle Kavanagh 4/24/16
Orphaning small library built on top of sun.misc.Unsafe Alex Kasko 4/21/16
DOD Francesco Nigro 4/20/16
[question] parallel access on arrays within the JVM Luiz Fernando Teston 4/20/16
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