Maven and Scala

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Dependencies are not added while compilation 1/10/18
scala-maven-plugin java 9 support John Poth 9/22/17
Maven Plugins Naveen 4/5/17
Debug maven scala project Wei Wang 3/24/17
can we have a small prototype pom.xml please? Vlad Patryshev 3/6/17
Cobertura Maven Plugin and Sonar Bubunia Patra 3/6/17
plugin keeps failing building spark examples RobRoy1234 2/17/17
No tests are found. NaHeon Kim 2/5/17
property reference failure in profile repository element Leon Xie 1/11/17
Creating test jar with scala-maven-plugin Sriram V 11/2/16
Need to launch Report on browser automatically in maven RAHUL MISHRA 9/29/16
Looking for POM file example where I can add selenium test cases to existing software pallav shah 9/16/16
Is it possible for maven to use the netsed jar Arpan Mukhopadhyay 6/28/16
Maven integration with Testlink shikhar srivastava 6/6/16
Three different versions of scala-library on -Xbootclasspath Janek Bogucki 1/28/16
creating links to external javadoc Performant Data LLC 1/25/16
Maven, SBT and GitHub/SSH repos Dominic Williams 1/22/16
Accessing classes (or other resources) from a war dependency Joshua Cason 1/7/16
Heap size for console/repl? Joshua Cason 11/18/15
Java class dependencies not resolving in compiled jar Kyle Balkissoon 11/12/15
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