Maven and Scala

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Could not resolve dependencies beeshma r 4/26/14
Launcher for main class in dependency jar Dennis Sosnoski 3/26/14
ScalaDoc warning Edmondo Porcu 3/14/14
Cannot fork scala console ericacm 2/18/14
Maven integration with Testlink shikhar srivastava 1/24/14
Trying to get my work team onto scala and having an issue with the maven-scala-plugin in my java project Robert 1/18/14
Scala 2.10.x and Multiple Versions warning 12/30/13
Java project with Scala tests Tal Gendler 12/11/13
Maven, SBT and GitHub/SSH repos Dominic Williams 11/16/13
scala-maven-plugin 3.1.6 David Bernard 9/30/13
Problem with test resources that match the name of test classes Mark Butler 9/19/13
scala-maven-plugin does not seem to honor maven sourceEncoding property Tony Kay 9/18/13
Debug maven scala project Wei Wang 9/4/13
correct way to set-up mixed Scala/Java compilation bryan hunt 8/24/13
incremental compile targeting java 1.6 byte code from 1.7 jvm process Glen Marchesani 8/1/13
recommendation for configuring the plugin once Glen Marchesani 7/18/13
scala.reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError smatt 7/8/13
scalatest-maven-plugin HTML reports support Patrick Refondini 6/30/13
scala-maven-plugin 3.1.5 David Bernard 5/24/13
Re: [maven-and-scala] Getting error Failed to generate HTML Report by use of ReportNG with Maven. martin-g 5/24/13
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