Maven and Scala

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Enabling zinc runs maven compilation twice madhukara phatak 2/15/15
alchim31 ignores akka dependency David 12/3/14
Where does alchim31 get its Scala distribution? David 12/3/14
Scala 2.10.x and Multiple Versions warning 12/3/14
maven-scala-plugin should escape spaces when passing javac arguments in the *compile goal Charlie Mordant 11/17/14
"There are test failures" error lee json 11/12/14
Beginner Tony Chamberlain 10/27/14
How to execute Junit test and generate HTML result file just using one command line (use Maven surefire report Plugin) nguyen hung 9/3/14
Upgrade to Scala 2.11, mvn scala:cc error: "Could not connect to compilation daemon" 8/31/14
setting scalaOrganization in maven scala plugin Meisam Fathi 8/8/14
How to specify scalaOrganization Meisam Fathi 8/8/14
Could not resolve dependencies beeshma r 4/26/14
Launcher for main class in dependency jar Dennis Sosnoski 3/26/14
ScalaDoc warning Edmondo Porcu 3/14/14
Cannot fork scala console ericacm 2/18/14
Maven integration with Testlink shikhar srivastava 1/24/14
Trying to get my work team onto scala and having an issue with the maven-scala-plugin in my java project Robert 1/18/14
Java project with Scala tests Tal Gendler 12/11/13
Maven, SBT and GitHub/SSH repos Dominic Williams 11/16/13
scala-maven-plugin 3.1.6 David Bernard 9/30/13
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