Welcome to Maui Makers Google Group.  We are a Maker Space on Maui HI.  Our web site is  which hosts our blog.  We also have a Facebook Group ( and a google calendar (see blog).  Our location is  362 Pakana St , Wailuku, HI 96793. . Our old location officially closed  September 15th, 2016 (website updated with map link, sorta)
Chime in here to say hello and introduce yourself!

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Design and construct the forge (metal working ) area Invite ti help Peter Menningen 10/22/17
Opportunity for knowledge Learn to sweat copper pipe Peter Menningen 10/16/17
Halloween Costume Making Event (call for Member Volunteers) Peter Menningen 10/9/17
Maui Makers Float Peter Menningen 10/6/17
Welding, Metal working, forging etc Peter Menningen 10/6/17
Offering to Makers Craft/drawing/drafting Benches Tables Peter Menningen 9/21/17
Special Event at the Maui Makers : Tool and Knife Sharpening Clinic Instructional 6:00 to 8:00 PM Peter Menningen 9/20/17
Hands-On" Learn to Code: Python for Beginners Peter Menningen 9/17/17
Makers in need of a Plasma torch and operator for a day Peter Menningen 9/15/17
Menehune Makers Program Last night 9-13-2017 Peter Menningen 9/14/17
Comming soon to a Makerspace near you Halloween Costume Building events and Launch Party Peter Menningen 9/12/17
Needed for the space and Multipurpose room USB Mice Peter Menningen 8/31/17
Checking for Interest Making small cutting board class/ group Peter Menningen 8/20/17
Shop Made Fixtures and Jigs up coming projects Peter Menningen 8/18/17
New long clamps for wood glue-ups Also shop update Peter Menningen 8/16/17
New Fixture (spindle sanding accessory for drill press) Peter Menningen 8/13/17
Space improvement project ( making things easier to find) Peter Menningen 8/3/17
Sparkfun Education - The Arduino Inventor's Guide Jerry Isdale 8/2/17
Seeking a buffer 8/2/17
Rebuilt tools and others put into service Peter Menningen 7/26/17
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