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IIS-hosted application crashes when consuming a message Thibault Voisin 9:14 AM
Automatonymous - run on STA thread Alex Michel 8:30 AM
MassTransit.Courier : Request/Response Kiran 7:16 AM
MT3 - saga actions, same even type, and concurrency Paul 11/28/15
Middleware example Wayne Brantley 11/28/15
Unit test - have to 'delay' to receive message... Wayne Brantley 11/26/15
MT3 Access to ReceiveContext within SendContext Adam Tybor 11/26/15
MT3 - Basic Saga anwar husain 11/25/15
Retry related MT ArgumentException Wayne Brantley 11/24/15
pub/sub vs competing consumers Tomer Yoskovich 11/24/15
Registration of Messages not consumers.. Wayne Brantley 11/24/15
MT3 and Azure 11/23/15
Saga exceptions Sadprofessor 11/20/15
MT 3 SubscriptionHandler Jerome Haltom 11/19/15
Masstransit v3, Autofac and saga registration problem Paul 11/19/15
IBusControl.Stop fails after rabbitmq windows service restart 11/19/15
MassTransit does not invoke class with proper constructor parameter value rmanesiya747 11/19/15
MT 3 / EnableMessageScope? Scott McFadden 11/19/15
Automatonymous features: Combine, Substate Tomer Yoskovich 11/18/15
Commands, Events, and the syntax of publishing them Tomer Yoskovich 11/17/15
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