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Passing dynamic LINQ queries as part of the message, to be executed on the server Christos Delivorias 8:59 AM
Other loggers Joshua Chan 3/27/15
Using same RabbitMQ server for multiple environments(dev/qa) Robert Johnson 3/27/15
mt3 saga and rabbitmq bindings Brian Weeres 3/27/15
StructureMap LoadFrom causes ArgumentOutOfRangeException "Length cannot be less than zero." Jeff T 3/27/15
No ResponseAddress captured in ReceiveContext in Automatonymous Respond call Thomas Tomanek 3/27/15
Transaction handling Martin Nilsson 3/27/15
exception on publish in consumer Oleg Abakumov 3/26/15
mt3 error handling on bus start and publish Brian Weeres 3/26/15
Is there an example for using MT3 with Azure Service Bus? Jussi Mattila 3/25/15
Unconventional ways to send messages to MSMQ. Chris Slocum 3/24/15
Not receiving scheduled messages using Quartz Thomas Tomanek 3/24/15
From Magnum State Machine to Automatonymous with MassTransit Federico Mazzalomo 3/24/15
MT3 api changes and MT3 status Brian Weeres 3/20/15
Consumer vs Handler 3/20/15
SubscriptionClientSaga, disappearing service/client, missed messages Brady White 3/18/15
MT with RabbitMQ - simple setup working with 2.9.9, not so much with 3.0.1-pre Patryk Ćwiek 3/18/15
SetRequestExpiration can result in a negative value Thomas Tomanek 3/17/15
Bug in MassTransit 2.9.9 Combine method Kostas Cibulskas 3/16/15
Request/reply on multitier ignores credentials , exception during Send Yoeri Van Damme 3/13/15
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