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Trying to set up MassTransit with Quartz.NET in memory, what is the role of the destination URI? apica_andy 9/26/16
What is the syntax to publish to a remote exchange? Scott Danks 9/26/16
Changing the URI on MassTransit 3 causes it to quit working for me. Scott Danks 9/26/16
How to get access to the Autofac LifetimeScope that wraps the consumer. Gert Jansen van Rensburg 9/25/16
Differences between IBus.Request vs IBus.PublishRequest Pedro Felix 9/23/16
Reactive (Rx) system over MassTransit Tim Thompson 9/14/16
How to get the most concrete message in a general consumer Svein Dybvik 9/14/16
Azure Service Bus topic subscriptions piling up Matthew Pearse 9/12/16
What's the latest version of Mass Transit that's compatible with .Net 4.5? Bobby Abraham 9/12/16
Capturing RabbitMq connection issues with Masstransit Michał Kocik 9/9/16
Timeout.AnyReceived not handled in Initial saga state Alexey Zimarev 9/8/16
Moving from RabbitMQ to Azure and Hosting Consumers in Azure Shane Holder 9/7/16 : how to configure Serializer Kiran 9/6/16
Error when scheduling a message Pratik Vasani 9/2/16
Slack host codebrainr 9/1/16
azure service bus Jeff Posey 8/31/16
Multiple receive endpoints with autofac? Scott Vickers 8/30/16
Different state stored in same mongodb saga database. Lukiya 8/30/16
Auto-Delete True Not Working - MassTransit3 Rebecca 8/30/16
Testing scheduled messages (actually testing the *when* not the *what*) John Thornborrow 8/30/16
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