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MassTransit.Log4NetIntegration: how to force MT to use specific logger Jeremias Kauppinen 6:01 AM
v3.0.7-alpha Chris Patterson 6/2/15
MT3 ObjectDictionaryConverter stack overflow on object models with circular references Ra Long 6/2/15
Disposing and recreating bus on runtime vs. waiting inside consumer Jeremias Kauppinen 6/2/15
live throttling of consumers possible? kreiggers 6/1/15
mt3 executing numerous activities causes some to not get acked eventually Brian Weeres 5/31/15
mt3 MassTransit.Compatibility missing Ra Long 5/30/15
Having different consumers consume different base implementation of the request interface Christos Delivorias 5/28/15
Problem with SharpRepository and MT3 Christos Delivorias 5/28/15
MT3 simple Azure Service Bus test, 409 Conflicts? Jussi Mattila 5/28/15
v3.0.6 Chris Patterson 5/27/15
MT 3.0.6 Courier Tests Failing Ra Long 5/27/15
DefaultMessageTimeToLive Kerem Argenc 5/27/15
MassTransit 3.0.5 with RabbitMQ - getting AMQP handshake_timeout when trying to send Annie Ju 5/26/15
Azure Subscriber Filters Kerem Argenc 5/26/15
Using MassTransit 3.0.5-alpha with RabbitMqTransport Annie Ju 5/25/15
Request/Reply with temporary queue Alex Michel 5/25/15
Long-running consumer task vs. background thread Jussi Mattila 5/24/15
MT3 automatonymous nhibernate mapping error unsupported mapping type Brian Weeres 5/24/15
Not calling UnsubscribeAction delegate but gracefully exiting TopShelf Mike Bridge 5/22/15
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