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The new Map Maker Community forum is now live! Lori Savageau 3/27/13
Map Maker Community will be moving to Google Product Forums! Lori Savageau 3/20/13
Update - Map Maker will now allow editing of pending roads and other line features Sneha 3/19/13
Map Maker Downtime Notification: March 18, 12.30 PM (PDT) Sneha 3/17/13
Monthly Bug Fixes & Prioritization Report Lori Savageau 3/12/13
Map Maker Update - March 12, 2013 Sneha 3/12/13
Locking geometries for State/Province and District/County in Map Maker Lori Savageau 3/4/13
Newest time-lapse videos! Lori Savageau 3/1/13
Announcing the 2013 Map Maker Top Mapper Programs Lori Savageau 2/25/13
One additional note on High-priority linear features Lori Savageau 2/11/13
No mapping of ski-runs or lifts Lori Savageau 2/11/13
Temporary locked highway editing - now Resolved Lori Savageau 2/11/13
Identifying Bots in Map Maker Lori Savageau 1/29/13
New! Monthly Bug Fix and Prioritization Report Lori Savageau 1/28/13
Map Maker Update - Jan 18, 2013 Sneha 1/17/13
Linear edits made easier with two new Map Maker tutorials! Lori Savageau 1/15/13
Instant rendering - temporary delays Lori Savageau 1/15/13
Issues reported with instant rendering Lori Savageau 1/8/13
Latest batch of Time-lapse videos now available! Lori Savageau 1/4/13
Happy New Year! Lori Savageau 1/2/13
The New Map Maker Review Experience: A Closer Look Lori Savageau 12/13/12
Map Maker Update - December 13, 2012 Sneha 12/13/12
Map Maker Update - November 21, 2012 Sneha 11/21/12
Introducing Google Map Maker Badges! Lori Savageau 11/21/12
Map Maker Update - November 12, 2012 Sneha 11/12/12
Map Maker Update - October 16, 2012 Sneha 10/16/12
The loss of a dear friend in the Map Maker community Jayanth Mysore 10/9/12
New interface to model Business Listings and Buildings to improve data input into Google Places Lori Savageau 10/9/12
Mapping the Motor City with Todd Scott, Map Maker Lori Savageau 8/22/12
Map Maker Update - November 21, 2012 Sneha 11/21/12
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