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Building a Forge brian johnston 12:16 PM
Open Hours tonight 6/19/2018 7pm Sam Harmon 9:36 AM
Moving Our Big Shop Tools for Bal Ingeieux Ross Bochnek 6/15/18
Open Hours tonight 6/12/2018 7pm Sam Harmon 6/12/18
Audio Amplifier workshop - June 23rd Sam Harmon 6/6/18
Open Hours tonight 6/5/2018 7pm Sam Harmon 6/5/18
Moving to Cleveland by 7/1 John Williamson 6/1/18
Soldering bench ideas Sam Harmon 5/31/18
Open Hours tonight 5/29/2018 7pm Sam Harmon 5/30/18
Build-out/Open Hours tonight 5/22/2018 7pm Sam Harmon 5/22/18
Build-out/Open Hours tonight 5/15/2018 7pm Sam Harmon 5/16/18
Progress at Hamilton today Sam Harmon 5/12/18
Hamilton build-out/open hours tonight 5/8/2018 7pm Sam Harmon 5/8/18
Need some guidance on electrical circuit repair Mitch Galehouse 5/8/18
Arduino Help Sheila Woidke 5/7/18
Shop cabinet donation M Fetsko 5/7/18
Hamilton Build-out session tonight 5/1/2018 7pm Sam Harmon 5/2/18
This weekend Sam Harmon 4/29/18
Hamilton build-out session tomorrow 4/24/2018 Sam Harmon 4/25/18
Hamilton build-out session tonight 4/17/2018 @7pm Sam Harmon 4/17/18
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