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MAGLab 2017 Annual Meeting Kia Kroas 8/30/17
Curator - Open Hours Ben Cheng 6/20/17
New Member Thread: Introduce yourself Trent 8/18/16
Class Idea and Feeler Thread Trent 7/19/16
Upcoming Events at MAG Lab Trent 6/13/16
Today's General Meeting Status Brian Seo 1/16/18
General Meeting has Resumed Brian Seo 1/2/18
Help With Hal (our space activity monitor) Trent 12/31/17
New Year's Eve Party Brian Seo 12/31/17
Battle BOATS, at Prado Recreational Park Jan 6th Trent 12/28/17
MAG Laboratory Christmas Party Brian Seo 12/18/17
We now have a Steam account, named 'MAG Laboratory.' Feel free to donate games to us! Brian Seo 12/2/17
MAG Laboratory has a new PC! Brian Seo 12/2/17
MAG Laboratory has a Steam Group now! Brian Seo 11/28/17
Irwindale Night of Destruction profmason 11/28/17
Notice of Open Project Night this Friday Brian Seo 11/21/17
Boba Shootout Event - Pics and Vids! Brian Seo 11/19/17
Weekend 3D printer building debauchery cumulation jacobscottchrist 11/16/17
Creationg of novel and disruptive smartphone-based veterinary ECG device Oren Ofer 11/6/17
Ninja Box Kickstarter Party Richard 11/3/17
Laser cutter is working now! Brian Seo 10/21/17
If you're not here, you're missing out! Brian Seo 10/21/17
Oktoberfest! Brian Seo 10/16/17
Pumpkin Carving Contest this Saturday! Brian Seo 10/10/17
MakerFaire - Downtown LA Brian Seo 10/4/17
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