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Upcoming Events at MAG Lab Trent 6/24/15
New Member Thread: Introduce yourself Trent 3/17/15
Important Discussion: How to improve and grow MAG Lab [Includes poll] Trent 3/2/15
3D Printer: Enlarging nozzle hole Richard 7/31/15
Anyone at space Th? Trevor Law 7/30/15
MAG Lab future meetings etc Trent 7/21/15
Anyone opening space today? Trevor Law 7/18/15
Re: [maglab] Higher-Ed Network Admin Position available in Irvine Israel Torres 7/13/15
Laser cutter plans Richard 7/2/15
HAL offline? Richard 6/16/15
Chino Hills HAM swap meet Richard 6/8/15
HAM Licensing tOoLb0x 6/4/15
Re: [maglab] Re: Upcoming Events at MAG Lab mcsgtcjones 5/29/15
Makerspace Trademark Jacob Christ 5/6/15
Radio Shack Parts Bins tOoLb0x 5/4/15
Quick "How NOT to wire the electrical for lighting" Trent 5/3/15
Kitron Radio in downtown pomona closing down selling all of their antique radio/parts/Ham radio/tube television Trent 5/3/15
nothing to see here Trent 4/30/15
Opportunity to get some cool stuff cheap... at an auction Trent 4/26/15
FW: 3D Printing (Applied Manufacturing) Chuck 4/26/15
3D printer? Ben 4/20/15
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