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Curator - Open Hours Ben Cheng 12/6/16
Annual Meeting September 25th 3pm-7pm Trent 9/7/16
New Member Thread: Introduce yourself Trent 8/18/16
Class Idea and Feeler Thread Trent 7/19/16
Upcoming Events at MAG Lab Trent 6/13/16
MAG Laboratory Survey Brian Seo 12/7/16
Event Attendance Opportunity Brian Seo 12/1/16
Free Vintage Equipment Kia Kroas 11/30/16
Anyone going to the general meeting tonight? Brian Seo 11/29/16
Anthropology Project Sarah Nichols 11/15/16
Reserving the conference room for tomorrow jang.charles 11/10/16
Light Sight Project Remnants Trent 11/6/16
Reminder Brian Seo 11/6/16
Free Pumpkins Ben Cheng 10/25/16
MAG Lab's 1st Newsletter - October 2016 Brian Seo 10/19/16
CNC Router Project profmason 10/12/16
Short VVave Radio Antennae Erecting Trent 10/12/16
Kitchenette Concept for MAG Lab Brian Seo 10/9/16
Anyone want to work for some Magic Castle tickets? jang.charles 10/6/16
Nevv maglab vvebsite proposal Trent 10/4/16
fusion 360 class Trent 10/1/16
Annual Meeting Agenda and Announcement Trent 9/28/16
Laser cutter questions... Jacob Christ 9/26/16
Does the shop need some wrench racks? 9/23/16
Insect-Weight Combat Robots vruben89 8/10/16
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