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Curator - Open Hours Ben Cheng 1/2/17
Annual Meeting September 25th 3pm-7pm Trent 9/7/16
New Member Thread: Introduce yourself Trent 8/18/16
Class Idea and Feeler Thread Trent 7/19/16
Upcoming Events at MAG Lab Trent 6/13/16
Makerspace Contest 2017 Brian Seo 5/26/17
Bylaws Vote 2017 Kia Kroas 5/5/17
Proposed changes to the Bylaws Kia Kroas 5/2/17
Class Reminder - Open Source Series: Graphic Design Brian Seo 4/16/17
Compressed Air Tank - Safety Guidelines Brian Seo 4/15/17
Laser Cutter Status Brian Seo 4/8/17
YouTube Video is Up! Brian Seo 3/27/17
Interesting Open/Close sign using gears Kia Kroas 3/23/17
Bad Pickle Party! Brian Seo 3/22/17
Has anyone seen the gas flow meter and regulator for the TIG welder? Richard 3/21/17
To the person who super glued the glass bed on the 3d printer Richard 3/18/17
Fwd: Builder Challenge Flyer for Sat Mar 18 Brian Seo 3/15/17
Fwd: Builder Challenge Sign-Ups, please forward to interested people Brian Seo 3/13/17
Fwd: ***Upcoming Event*** What can Aerospace Learn from Makers? Thursday March 9th at 6pm John Cunningham 3/10/17
Raspberry Pi Class Brian Seo 3/6/17
Event Reminder - Car Maintenance 101 Brian Seo 3/1/17
Fwd: Our Facebook Event: Builder Challenge Brian Seo 2/25/17
Car Maintenance 101 Richard 2/22/17
Call for Classes! Brian Seo 2/21/17
Fwd: Scammer alert: Sean Robinson Trent 2/16/17
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