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Estimate of MF2 users? kika DESIGN 7/7/16
Why the plugin disappeared from wordpress plugins? Edyd Junges 7/4/16
Magic Fields migration Zack Lewis 4/27/16
Get url of related type content Hernan Bensasson 3/17/16
get(): no group, but I need the Post ID Thomas Belknap 3/9/16
Photos not showing up... Brian Miller 1/19/16
MF crashed site after update to WP 4.4 Dave Guilford 1/15/16
Just updated the plugin, CRASHED MY SITE AGAIN Dave Guilford 1/15/16
All formatting lost after upgrading to MF datatv 11/17/15
Magic Fields & wordpress 4.3.1 daniel peluso 11/13/15
Magic Field Group not duplicating Kevin Bartlett 10/13/15
how to edit MF? Pia Munk-Janson 9/10/15
Magic Fields 2 not saving any data in fields RyanS 8/4/15
Multiline field TinyMCE wizywig not showing link/unlink icons (chain link) sam birkhead 6/22/15
Get group MF's from another custom post type while in that custom post type's loop? Rachel Vasquez 6/22/15
remove repetaed gruoup item ale mercado 5/2/15
Hyperlinking to different sections Liz Butler 4/29/15
Collapse and Expand Group abilities David Tait 2/21/15
Has anyone used the "gen_image" front end function successfully? Reaxion 1/7/15
Fields are not visible OR editible in wp-admin Maria Carolina Cintra 11/4/14
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