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Magic Fields 2 not saving any data in fields RyanS 8/4/15
Multiline field TinyMCE wizywig not showing link/unlink icons (chain link) sam birkhead 6/22/15
Get group MF's from another custom post type while in that custom post type's loop? Rachel Vasquez 6/22/15
remove repetaed gruoup item ale mercado 5/2/15
Hyperlinking to different sections Liz Butler 4/29/15
Collapse and Expand Group abilities David Tait 2/21/15
Has anyone used the "gen_image" front end function successfully? Reaxion 1/7/15
Fields are not visible OR editible in wp-admin Maria Carolina Cintra 11/4/14
"Set Image" not working on Multisite 3.2.1. Harris 9/12/14
Magic Fields 1 - Visual & HTML Buttons Greyed Out guitargeek 8/12/14
Featured image and Custom Post Types not WORKING Jeff Paulson 8/1/14
Short Codes from other Plugin not working with Magic Fields guitargeek 7/31/14
Proposed fix : unable to set featured image, attach media, use TinyMCE Simon Briggs 7/31/14
featured image not working with 3.9.1 Bruno Monteiro 7/29/14
unique custom post type Sébastien 7/17/14
Cannot modify header information - plugins/magic-fields-2/admin/mf_post.php:503 Kevin Runck 7/17/14
Saved duplicate group fields not showing in edit screen Adrian 6/28/14
Saving content updates doesn't work. 6/19/14
Frontend posting possible? Net Elb 6/14/14
Unable to attach media to post with MF plugin installed Chris Pallett 6/12/14
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