LVL1 - Louisville's Hackerspace

Welcome to LVL1!!!

We are often asked how to get involved and use the tools, space or just hang around makers. So how does one go about getting help? Or being involved? Or use a bandsaw or laser cutter? (hint: review the WIKI for the equipment list)

First, visit the space again! We are an open community and offer access to anyone when members are present. LVL1’s calendar includes many recurring events such as our weekly open meeting Tuesdays at 8PM.

How to get involved

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Open House 12/28/2016 1-6PM+ Daniel Johnsen 12/28/16
Tutor or just some help with Raspberry Pi 3 Adam Earle 12/27/16
how's the break peeps! tombd 12/27/16
Gas Andy Miller 12/23/16
3D printing from Autodesk Fusion 360? ginnyjollykidd 12/23/16
This Saturday: 3 Workshops (Embroidery, 3D Printing, Vinyl Cutting) Daniel Johnsen 12/16/16
xmas plans?? tombd 12/16/16
Two on demand workshops - Machine tools and AR building David Ortiz-Grob 12/14/16
Speed my PC SSD Install Workshop - 1/7/17 Kevin 12/12/16
Shopbot software Robert Edwards 12/11/16
Good news everyone! David Ortiz-Grob 12/11/16
Advertising Trade? Trevor Steele 12/11/16
Re: {LVL1} Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Luslugger 12/11/16
hours.. tombd 12/9/16
Meet me tomorrow: $10-20 hourly Help Wanted- Building Cables for Software Brand Kasey Tyring 12/9/16
U of L: 3D printing start ups Joshua Wilcox 12/6/16
Calling all space nerds David Ortiz-Grob 12/6/16
Raspberry Pi needs a lobotomy... or not Patrick McCarthy 12/5/16
Pixel lights Bill Schwab 12/5/16
Space Safety and "Taking Care For Each Other" SeanMcP 12/4/16
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