LVL1 - Louisville's Hackerspace

Welcome to LVL1!!!

We are often asked how to get involved and use the tools, space or just hang around makers. So how does one go about getting help? Or being involved? Or use a bandsaw or laser cutter? (hint: review the WIKI for the equipment list)

First, visit the space again! We are an open community and offer access to anyone when members are present. LVL1’s calendar includes many recurring events such as our weekly open meeting Tuesdays at 8PM.

How to get involved

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Cuttlefish bone pewter jewelry casting workshop! Brian P. Wagner 11/20/17
3D printer assistance Matthew Caldwell 11/20/17
Laser Cutter Assistance Serra Doll 11/17/17
LVL1 purge and cleaning day! Brian P. Wagner 11/17/17
3D Printer Cost Estimation Matthew Caldwell 11/15/17
viral/referral online sites tombd 11/15/17
Where to buy aluminum (in small amounts) locally? Guido Bartolucci 11/15/17
Gluing Down LED Strips Michael Hammons 11/15/17
Big Laser Cutter is DOWN Blenster 11/13/17
Anyone got a CR2032 battery holder? Joseph 11/11/17
Sewing night follow-up Tim VanSant 11/9/17
iOS developer Meetup 11/7/17
Free Essential oil perfume class Amy 11/7/17
We have lathes in the space? Rohit Wason 11/4/17
Free Server Stuff Blenster 11/4/17
Minutes of 10/31's meeting Andy Miller 11/1/17
Zenbot training Tim VanSant 10/31/17
Home Automation AJ 10/30/17
What happens when a teen buys a mainframe? Joe L 10/29/17
Laser help today? 10/27/17
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