LVL1 - Louisville's Hackerspace

Welcome to LVL1!!!

We are often asked how to get involved and use the tools, space or just hang around makers. So how does one go about getting help? Or being involved? Or use a bandsaw or laser cutter? (hint: review the WIKI for the equipment list)

First, visit the space again! We are an open community and offer access to anyone when members are present. LVL1’s calendar includes many recurring events such as our weekly open meeting Tuesdays at 8PM.

How to get involved

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LVL1: Getting Started Daniel Johnsen 1/12/16
Start up idea Joshua Wilcox 11:46 AM
How do you tune or refurbish a crt Luslugger 6:58 AM
Left my thumb drive plugged in to the laser computer Stephanie Corbett 7/28/16
Hello There! Andy Miller 7/28/16
Fiber Light Pipes Gary Fischer 7/28/16
Requesting volunteers for a STEM area at Boy Scouts 100th Anniversary event Sarah Flowers 7/26/16
Fwd: MakeHartford July 2016 News - Sunday Social Nights, events, and a way to get your donations matched! Joshua Wilcox 7/22/16
Fwd: Time’s running out to become our next video star Joshua Wilcox 7/21/16
Into the Cloud! - Cloud (internet) Workshop 8/20/2016 Kevin Price 7/21/16
Saturday, 4PM: LVL1's 6th Birthday Bash! Daniel Johnsen 7/19/16
Infinity Ergodox Boards -- Bulk ordering. James Kim 7/19/16
Open Hours 7/17/2016 1:30-4PM Daniel Johnsen 7/17/16
Rock-a-Fire Explosion Equipment Joseph 7/16/16
Cleanliness Pascalle Ballard 7/13/16
ShopBot Training 4/14 7:30 PM Aaron VerDow 7/13/16
that odoo test thing... jumpin' through hoops!! tombd 7/12/16
IoT hardware hacking workshop Todd Henderson 7/11/16
(40) 1.75" X 1.75" 20 ohm speakers Gary Fischer 7/11/16
cloud - mentoring/class tombd 7/11/16
Slow Roll monday tonight - meeting at the space at 7pm Ben King 7/11/16
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