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Mul-key tool project Grant 10/17/13
LooL meeting. My place, night before Derbycon... Essobi 7/29/13
Hi guys... Essobi 2/6/13
Basics and advanced videos... Mixed topics.. Watch these! Essobi 8/17/12
Lockpicks getting ordered... Essobi 8/14/12
Meetings! Essobi 8/14/12
Hacker Opens High Security Handcuffs With 3D-Printed And Laser-Cut Keys Blenster 7/19/12
Sorry I've been AFK a bit... Essobi 7/12/12
Meeting times? Essobi 7/10/12
IRC, Google Hangouts or Skype? Essobi 7/10/12
hello joe 7/8/12
I added a LooL section to my Wordpress site... Essobi 7/7/12
google+ Hangout? Essobi 7/6/12
Anyone interested in going to LockCon 2012? Essobi 7/4/12
Anyone work at an Autostore? Essobi 7/3/12
Anyone interested in a How-To-Pick session... Essobi 7/1/12
I found some relatively cheap sets... Essobi 6/30/12
Is there anyone local who sells lockpicks? Essobi 6/29/12
Hi everybody... Essobi 6/28/12
Lockpick templates... Essobi 6/28/12
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