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What do you use LoopBack for? Raymond Feng 9/28/16
Help test the new LoopBack doc site Rand McKinney 9/28/16
[security advisory] Loopback-component-passport account hijacking Loay G. 6/13/16
ACL problem: Non admin can create user, despite me telling it otherwise Rastio Hodul 9/30/16
Implementing custom Docusign connector Louis Orleans 9/30/16
Extended User but $owner ACL not working Mohit Goyal 9/29/16
ACL $authenticated got 401 error John Li 9/28/16
Loopback: How remove internal properties from list Steffen Lohbrandt 9/28/16
[ANN] Where SL Arc left LunchBadger picks up Al Tsang 9/27/16
Working with ACLs: hidding properties for a role ? Samuel DENIS 9/26/16
req.query.filter in some cases, req.query.where in others Francois Laforge 9/25/16
Native SQL J Beck 9/23/16
Unable to install just "buffertools" on Windows 2012R2 64bit server. Added NPM debug file. Ananth RM 9/23/16
REST syntax not working when filtering data Francois Laforge 9/23/16
handling Invalid Access Token error Partap Davis 9/23/16
Set collation on auto-migrate Yoann Aubry 9/23/16
Role Resolver working for Wrong accessType bha...@sixmod5.com 9/22/16
Locking Loopback API Rafael Nogueira 9/21/16
POST works but GET crashes node Kobus Smit 9/21/16
Security issue ? Philippe Corrèges 9/20/16
Defining non-primary key as an ObjectID Mark Johnson 9/18/16
Using operation hook "before delete" Partap Davis 9/15/16
UpdateAll not updating all the fields Rafael Nogueira 9/14/16
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