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[ANN] LoopBack 3.0 Released Ritchie Martori 12/29/16
Repos changes - December 2016 sim...@ca.ibm.com 12/13/16
Dropping support for Node v0.10 and v0.12 mbaj...@gmail.com 10/20/16
[security advisory] Loopback-component-passport account hijacking Loay G. 10/11/16
What do you use LoopBack for? Raymond Feng 9/28/16
loopback-component-oauth2 (I'm close!) Ryan Kelly 7:40 PM
forceId on buit-in models Felipe Toffolo 7:35 PM
Filter results by $owner and is_public property? Jonathan Wohl 6:59 PM
Automatic creation of relations in JSON configuration file Dave Eland 1/17/17
Error: Invalid password Boogie1989 1/17/17
Create Model.json file programmatically Michael Inthirath 1/17/17
How to create an API with a query parameter that works in API explorer Arsalan Siddiqui 1/17/17
oauth2 component Jose Lopez 1/16/17
Custom Response Content Type André Mazayev 1/16/17
Multiple foreign keys support Ladislav Jech 1/15/17
Query parent based on hasAndBelongsToMany children Paul Cowan 1/13/17
About Limit filter defaults to 100 Sonia D'Souza 1/13/17
Loopback include filter client side Drew Mulock 1/12/17
Using http-proxy as final catch all Async Sean 1/12/17
loopback automatically deletes AccessToken after update or upsert on User model Rishabh Jain 1/12/17
loopback: How to use transactions in remote hooks? Wesley 1/11/17
LoopBack powered Compose in LunchBadger - IoT Use Case Study Al Tsang 1/11/17
how to share mongo models between project Stone Fang 1/11/17
Incompatible nodejs mongodb driver version for mongodb 3.4 Yogesh Agrawal 1/11/17
Configuration file similar to component-config.json? benj...@haveninc.com 1/10/17
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