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8 months remaining until the lease ends? Sci 6:31 PM
Storage Request #870: Shelving by Matthew aspinall 1:56 PM
Any interests in a Rhinoceros3D intro tutorial? Miles Rees Spear 9:56 AM
parcel: hand pump Hari Karam Singh 8:33 AM
MIG welder Zachary Osborne 7:34 AM
Storage Request #858: Dyson V6 cordelss vacuum cleaner by Jonathan Smart 7/25/17
Storage Request #857: Dyson cinetic ball vacuum cleaner by Jonathan Smart 7/25/17
Lost usb - files on laptop Giac0m0 7/25/17
Anybody have some 3mm laser ply to swap for 6mm? Emmet Green 7/25/17
vacuum forming Zara Ramsay 7/25/17
Storage Request #869: Enfield Z drive by Alex McConnachie 7/25/17
Electronics Work Bench - Tools, Third Hands, Lighting, Solder Marrold 7/24/17
Hull 3d printer Hari Karam Singh 7/24/17
Gig Tonight! The Monarch in Camden Meggy 7/24/17
geofencing and 2G sim card Curious Yulia 7/24/17
Storage Request #868: solo motorcycle by david mccairley 7/24/17
Storage Request #867: Emperor Dalek head by Brian cox 7/23/17
Inductive coil power transfer (wireless) Jack London 7/22/17
Storage Request #866: Small oak side table by Mark Lilly 7/22/17
Storage Request #798: 3 x oak veneer floorboard rectangular frame by Max Blake 7/20/17
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