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Help required for small project : Digital crank handle Tom Szirtes 1:41 AM
Router table update. Philip Roy (cepmender) 7/3/15
Metalbashers locker broken into.. Des Quilty 7/3/15
Re: [london-hack-space] large format a0 printer donation Solexious 7/3/15
Storage Request #40: large format printer a0 by joshua miller 7/3/15
New machines for the workshops Update Liam Lynch 7/3/15
Visiting from Nottingham James Fowkes 7/3/15
Need a motherboard box and anti static bag Tom Sands 7/3/15
Storage Request #133: Metal sections for Bikeshed prototype by Charles Yarnold 7/3/15
Storage Request #146: Freddy by Kaj Svedberg 7/3/15
Storage Request #122: Wood for Box by Paddy Duncan 7/3/15
Storage Request #96: Wood on Rack stage 2 by Matthew Gill 7/3/15
Storage Request #142: petrol outboard boat engine. by Justin Fishlock 7/3/15
Hackspace Garden Pledge Zia Rahim 7/3/15
Anyone want a Silicon Graphics SCSI 16way Serial board ... for practical or emotional reasons ... Jon Russell 7/3/15
art hackathon - the 4-min documentary Theodoros Papatheodorou 7/3/15
New game for Arcade Jens Meisner 7/3/15
a hackspace book club? Andrea Kundry 7/3/15
IoT and Data Hackathon Katie Collings 7/3/15
Looking for Python/stats instructors Lev Konstantinovskiy 7/3/15
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