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hello, is any osc users able to help ? Josefin 3:54 PM
Building a lathe from a drill Yaarit Mechany 3:40 PM
A talk on systems related things I've been working on at hackspace Sevan / Venture37 10:16 AM
Free stuff. Simon Vans-Colina 9:36 AM
Weekend 3D printer training Christopher Paton 7:26 AM
cutting, polishing and identifying stones Colin Rowat 5:38 AM
Large, High Grade Scanner James Geddes 4:53 AM
Don't put lasercutter scraps in the recycling bin. Henry Sands 3:34 AM
Cans of paint by the basement elevator Emmet Green 2:27 AM
textile time... anyone wanting training with: overlocker, standard or industrial sewing machine? Cat Catt 1:38 AM
A moan: Brand new mitre fence damaged in dusty wood shop Will 12:24 AM
Storage Request #136: Epson Dot matrix printer + stand + 2 boxes of paper by Henry Sands 5/28/15
Selling Two Li-po batteries (Leaving saturday evening) Alessandro Zippilli 5/28/15
Design Installation: Looking for coder (Processing & Arduino) Sheana Yu 5/28/15
Looking for someone to take my room In Camden By saturday Alessandro Zippilli 5/28/15
Free working cutter for you Jem Little 5/28/15
Next MathSpace Event - Friday 29th May - Connect Four Bot Programming Workshop Matthew Scroggs 5/28/15
PTFE sheet? Sci 5/28/15
Storage Request #130: Sheet of 3mm mild Steel by Justin Fishlock 5/28/15
Storage Request #135: A 1.2m x 2.5m sheet of steel and rack made of scaffold boards. by Justin Fishlock 5/28/15
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