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Storage Request #997: White plastic drain pipe by Tom Hodgkins 5:07 AM
Storage Request #996: Wood burning stove and pipes etc by Tom Hodgkins 5:05 AM
Anyone got a spare laptop for sale? Billy 3:48 AM
Storage Request #995: Aluminium box and sheets by Sven Cornelssen 12/12/17
icibici brain-computer interface project: does anyone know about CE marking? Colin Rowat 12/12/17
[Trustee] House hunting update Henry Sands 12/12/17
Storage Request #994: Wood slabs x2 (1m long) by Sam Thomas 12/12/17
OFFLINE-HACKING Luiz C. 12/12/17
[Trustee] Member storage removal deadline 12/12/17
Delivery next week (wood) Sam Thomas 12/12/17
Storage Request #919: off hand grinder by Andrew david Tidman 12/11/17
Storage Request #992: Rucksack with wood and metal by Tom Hodgkins 12/11/17
Storage Request #991: Table top by Emmanuel Aguiyi 12/11/17
Storage Request #989: Boards being glued by Mr Nicolas Croisard 12/11/17
Storage Request #974: suzuki motorcycle by david mccairley 12/11/17
A few items going spare Russ Garrett 12/11/17
Storage Request #993: Aluminium Sheets by Sven Cornelssen 12/11/17
The LED Christmas Tree I was working on is now at Kings Cross Station! Robin Baumgarten 12/11/17
Storage Request #987: Aluminium Sheet by Sven Cornelssen 12/10/17
Storage Request #990: Plywood Sheets 2 off 600 x 600 x 24 mm by William Webber 12/10/17
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