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Storage Request #570: Sludge pump parts by Petri Autio 10:58 AM
Can we get a plumber in? 2/3 toilets out of action and constantly dripping tap Alex McConnachie 8:25 AM
Broken LCD screen on Hackintosh Abbéy Odunlami 3:35 AM
Laser cutter advice Laurin OS 9/30/16
Wanted: Subwoofers and Speakers, Broken built in amps not a problem! alexander ross 9/30/16
Is the Hackspace Linux group officially dead? :( 9/30/16
Storage Request #569: Milion Pieces of plywood 18mm by Milion O 9/30/16
Reminder: London Hackspace Radio Club Meeting (Saturday 1 Oct 2016 - First Saturday of the Month) kraptv 9/30/16
[Lasercutter] Out of Order Henry Sands 9/30/16
google cardboard handout at the moment outside shoreditch high street station Ben Clifford 9/30/16
simple help with phone- question Julie Winnard 9/30/16
Storage Request #568: Gulper pump in assembly by Petri Autio 9/29/16
Music group? Lucia N 9/29/16
Wheel Hub Bearing Leads? Akuma Osito Qiu 9/29/16
Possible serial donation - from my removals job Naive D. Jack 9/29/16
Sewing Group Next Wednesday 5th October from 7pm Chanelle Joseph 9/28/16
Dewalt Table Saw - Riving Knife Missing Matthew Haynes 9/28/16
2k16 interhackerspaces xmas swap 9/28/16
demo and collab - twitter api's, music, words, lyrics 9/28/16
Falcon bike frame. JLJ 9/28/16
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