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Storage Request #542: A few perspex sheets in ikea bag by Iris Musel 5:31 PM
Sewing machines in Hackspace Ann Jones 5:19 PM
Looking for hackspacers making products Sci 5:15 PM
material check and settings for laser cutting silicone rubber sheet Christopher Toplisek 1:55 PM
Storage Request #531: Small Metal cans/small bag with silicone moulds by mayank khemka 9:46 AM
Storage Request #284: corrugated sheet by Duthilleux Hortense 7:52 AM
Storage Request #437: Mini arcade machine project (total dims 20 by Luke Testa 7:51 AM
Storage Request #461: 10 sheets of 300*600mm laser-ply by Lachlan Stibbard Hawkes 7:51 AM
Storage Request #445: 1000 litre water tank by Michael Trew 7:50 AM
Storage Request #537: Various pieces of English Ash by Harry Streuli 7:45 AM
Storage Request #534: Items for jumble sale by Peter William Turpin 7:43 AM
Storage Request #506: Lengths of Piitch Pine by Rob Canning 7:42 AM
Storage Request #538: choppingboard being glued by Kirsty Pattison 7:40 AM
Storage Request #533: Plywood and 4-2 by Matthew aspinall 7:39 AM
Storage Request #539: 2 pieces of ash timber roughly 500mm by 20mm in cardboard package by James Stitt 7:39 AM
Beaglebone Programmer Wanted Patrick Thursby 5:21 AM
Calling all Spanish Speakers James Geddes 12:47 AM
SEWING GROUP MEET-UP 10 September 12pm Chanelle Joseph 8/22/16
Gas regulator disconected on mig Darryl .S 8/22/16
Storage Request #541: black MDF by Henry McGeough 8/22/16
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