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A third wheelie bin? Mr Ed 3:35 AM
Storage Request #348: `2 cast iron radiators by ian fisher 3:28 AM
Storage Request #469: 2 diplay cabinets, unexpected extension by Christian Jaeger 3:25 AM
Storage Request #388: Steel (square tubing 7 x 2m lengths) by Diane Edwards 3:22 AM
Storage Request #377: Compressor Unit by Dean Forbes 3:20 AM
Storage Request #477: 7 x wooden planks (longest is 4.5m) by Yuli Levtov 3:13 AM
Storage Request #490: Stretching Frame by Dean Forbes 3:01 AM
Storage Request #488: Metal drum by Eloy Erro Barbarin 2:58 AM
Workshop Filters - negative pressure units deanforbes 2:54 AM
Storage Request #420: Wood boards for a bed project by renato Lopes 2:24 AM
Discussing plans for a brain-computer interface-based hackaton at EMFCamp Andrew Vladimirov 6/29/16
Storage Request #454: Sheet of Ply & Sheet Of Acrylic by Aaron Mavinga 6/29/16
Storage Request #309: 11 x metal pats 10mm diameter. max length 60cm by Augusts Dakteris 6/29/16
Storage Request #370: Backpack with items by Zia Rahim 6/29/16
Members boxes clear & cleanup (2 week warning) Sci 6/29/16
Project Coffee Fix - new. 6/29/16
[3D Printer] [training] Wednesday 29th of June, 7pm Timour Chomilier 6/29/16
Storage Request #473: 18 pcs EUR Palette (full size) + 10 pcs EUR Palette (small size) by Stefan Sabo 6/29/16
Storage Request #358: Speakers by Henry McGeough 6/29/16
Storage Request #394: 4 x 270mm pine planks + 1 x 240mm 2x4 by Ben Mahon 6/29/16
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