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Would anyone want a Eltek SMPS PSU? SamValiant 6:10 AM
Looking to Prototype Some Phone Case Concepts glad2 4:08 AM
Storage Request #652: Phase 2 Stretching Frame by Dean Forbes 9/24/17
Scrap Floppy disk drives John Stilia 9/24/17
LED Pixels (Neopixel, WS2801, WS2811, WS2812B, LPD8806, TM1809 etc) Oliver Passey 9/24/17
Storage Request #924: Flopppy disk drives by Ioannis Stilianakos 9/24/17
Welding John Stilia 9/24/17
Storage Request #923: MDF lengths by Joseph Levin 9/23/17
Looking for experienced wireperson/electronics professional to assist with project (paid) Tom Chambers 9/23/17
Storage Request #917: Enfield Z drive (now with new bearings) by Alex McConnachie 9/22/17
850W Computer PSU - Slightly broken, giving away Jack Lee 9/22/17
booking the classroom on Sun, 8 Oct for our brain-computer interface project, icibici? Colin Rowat 9/22/17
[Trustee] Brief update on house hunting Henry Sands 9/21/17
Heat Gun? Alex M 9/20/17
Request: Biohacking events time change 9/20/17
Storage Request #922: A box by Matthew aspinall 9/20/17
Storage Request #919: off hand grinder by Andrew david Tidman 9/19/17
Storage Request #909: Stacking Plinths and concrete based copper rails by Gemma 9/19/17
Storage Request #921: Wooden bed base (6ft x 4ft and flat) by Andy Tulett 9/19/17
Lasercutter Training Thursday 21st Sept 7pm PaddyD 9/19/17
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