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To whoever is mucking about with power or networking in the early hours of the mornings - please stop it! jasper 2:44 PM
CCTV Tony Overdrive 2:40 PM
Resin/Silicone Degassing Connor Shearwood 1:53 PM
Donations Offered Greg Eales 10:00 AM
Another new Lulzbot 3D printer tgreer 6:21 AM
Tesco has some cheap SD cards at the moment (128gb for £26) Robin Baumgarten 4:42 AM
Kiosk Upgraded jasper 2:34 AM
Storage Request #415: Street food trailer by John Louis Jordan 12:45 AM
Storage Request #419: piece of wood by Aleksandar Mitrovic 4/30/16
Storage Request #420: Wood boards for a bed project by renato Lopes 4/30/16
Biscuit Cutter Ben Mahon 4/30/16
Help with fixing a stainless steel fish kettle Lola Johnson 4/30/16
Member + acquaintances urinating on back gate Alex McConnachie 4/30/16
Micro USB phone charger missing... Tony Overdrive 4/30/16
Storage Request #416: A full size rebel Dalek leader by Brian cox 4/30/16
Printers fucked tom 4/30/16
Boxford CNC Induction 6.30pm Sunday 1st May 2016 Matt 9 4/30/16
Pewter smelter theft? matthew aspinall 4/30/16
Fly press, jewellers blowtorch, glassworking and more! Sanjay Bhattacharya 4/29/16
Broken Tools - Saw Gauge, Property of Andy Tidman Patrick Dent 4/29/16
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