Lokad.com specializes in Forecasting as Service. We deliver advance forecasts but also share open source projects like Lokad.Cloud and Lokad.CQRS (comes with CQRS Guide). All questions and feedback relevant to Lokad are welcome in this group. Lokad Teams actively monitor this group. There is no need to double post your concerns both here and directly to the Lokad support email.

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Future of Lokad.CQRS - v3 (v BTW) Rinat Abdullin 9/4/13
How do you use Lokad.CQRS (survey)? Rinat Abdullin 9/27/12
Invalid URI on CloudTable.Get() Joshua Sachs 8/8/14
Azure SDK 2.0? Michael Aird 6/26/14
Might Lokad.Cloud.Storage move to Windows Azure Storage 3.0.1 ? Bern McCarty 12/19/13
How to replay events from event store? Jefferson Carpenter 12/9/13
Lokad.CQRS sample problems Werner Clausen 11/27/13
pushing updates to web client Ton Yeung 9/2/13
Lokad Data Platform running node in worker role 4deep 8/15/13
Projections by 3rd party db Slava 7/10/13
chasing projections and processing latency Pharao2k 7/9/13
Redis Event Store Jason Wyglendowski 7/9/13
Audit stream and actors Slava 7/6/13
Missing Lokad.CQRS.Sample.withAzure.sln Varghese Pallathu 6/18/13
Optimization to LockingInMemoryCache Slava 4/28/13
Default Retry Policy Slava 4/10/13
Speeding up projection replays (massively) Rinat Abdullin 4/4/13
Partioning server Slava 4/4/13
Lokad Data Platform Slava 4/2/13
Running in the cloud Slava 3/29/13
Is there snapshot built-in? Eugene Ong 3/29/13
Windows Service Bus 1.0 Chris Morley 3/26/13
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