LispyScript is a dialect of Javascript written in a lispy syntax. It compiles to Javascript. Welcome to the discussions on LispyScript.

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in browser repl (with access to the dom?) Darren Cruse 3/10/15
status of source maps support? (+ seems to have broken "run in browser"?) Darren Cruse 3/8/15
syntax for declaring a named (as opposed to anonymous) function? Darren Cruse 3/8/15
Generating an immediately instantiated prototype function Emiliano Heyns 11/17/14
live-editing in the browser Forrest O. 1/2/14
LispyScript 0.3.5 released - Run it directly in the browser Santosh Rajan 8/20/13
Some bugs? Jacob Howe 8/9/13
LispyScript 0.3.3 Released - Added node style module support Santosh Rajan 6/25/13
Question about macros jeremys 6/24/13
LispyScript 0.3.2 released Santosh Rajan 6/24/13
LispyScript 0.3.1 released Santosh Rajan 6/23/13
LispyScript 0.3.0 Released Santosh Rajan 4/24/13
Anyone have a lispyscript.el for emacs Jim Hollan 4/16/13
Is this project still active? 3/11/13
Monads in LispyScript Dominikus Herzberg 3/7/13
LispyScript implementation is about 500 LOC? Dominikus Herzberg 3/5/13
Is there a more succint syntax to call methods of javascript objects? Chanwoo Yoo 12/25/12
Lispyscript looks cool Chanwoo Yoo 12/24/12
preview on ben 10/26/12
Recommended Editor for LispyScript Santosh Rajan 10/18/12
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