Welcome to the LiquidFun group.  This group is used to discuss the LiquidFun 2D physics library .

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Elastic particle groups and joints DIYoyo 5/25/15
LiquidFun Paint build swig issues Sam Leach 5/24/15
Android Studio: No implementation found for liquidfunJNI.swig_module_init() Siqi Liu 5/6/15
Using Shaders in the JS version of Liquid Fun. Using three.js? Kristin Murray 4/27/15
Contact between particle and body in JsBox2d Jeff Killian 4/21/15
Re: Where are the SWIG interface files? Jason Sanmiya 4/21/15
just a note for others: particles smushing into solid objects?! Jonas Beck 4/12/15
A small question 杨佳诚 4/12/15
LiquidFun Installation PRoblem Bobby Miller 4/11/15
How to setup file correctly? Tamina S 4/1/15
Swig compilation error for Android 3/24/15
Get the Position of a Weld Joint Jeff Killian 3/21/15
Unity3d Liquidfun plugin asset now available Brian McElroy 3/12/15
Java and SWIG bindings Chad Greenburg 3/9/15
using liquidfun joe el khoury 3/5/15
getting started joe el khoury 3/5/15
Particles stuck in fixtures when using b2ContactFilter? Tom N 3/4/15
particlegroup load/save serialization/sync? Jonas Beck 2/18/15
Contact Filter not working JB 2/10/15
Particle contact flag between a viscous and non-viscous particle is viscous Lukasz Wiklendt 2/8/15
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