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BUG: bash functions with hyphens in .profile throw errors in lighttable initialization Spiros Boosalis 1:41 PM
Gorilla REPL in Light Table Jony Hudson 1:16 PM
Not all workspace files appearing in open navigate panel? Sean Corfield 12:39 PM
0.6.7 is out Chris Granger 11:07 AM
Sorting? George Oliver 7/9/14
Wrapping Lighttable eval in remote nrepl with code that sets and then clears ThreadLocal variable Andrey Grin 7/9/14
How to get TernJS plugin to work, and how to use it? Henrik Larsson 7/8/14
Twig Plugin Christopher Healey 7/8/14
[Plugin] LiTeX: LaTeX compilation, previewing, and syncing Robert Schroll 7/8/14
Windows 7: Empty black window on Lightable 0.6.6 launch NewLightTableTester 7/8/14
Multiple cursor key-bindings Andrew Stebbing 7/7/14
Syntax highlighting for C++ and other languages? Soever Al-Nullification 7/5/14
CLJX support Bertrand CACHET 7/5/14
null string appearing in editor Stephen Johnson 7/5/14
Emacs mode on Windows 7 T P 7/4/14
Shipping products with LT Henrik Larsson 7/4/14 Zubair Quraishi 7/4/14
How to change colors on text editor? fofb 7/3/14
[Plugin] ChromeTools - Javascript debugging, code eval etc Dave Coates 7/3/14
Light Table plugins and node.js plugins Robert Schroll 7/3/14
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