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keymap setting not working for Eval: Clear inline results Lance Campbell 5:26 AM
Some explanations on how LT works needed Igor Baryshnikov 4/27/15
Indent guides? Ali Rezaee 4/27/15
Re: Workspace.behaviors disappeared Mike Innes 4/25/15
Show the functions a function calls Ben G 4/23/15
Version 0.8 - status or lack thereof Magnus Rundberget 4/23/15
Helping out with issues Martin Zapata 4/23/15
ANN: clj-light-refactor, Clojure refactoring support and then some ! Magnus Rundberget 4/23/15
Trying to open documentation throws an error Martin Zapata 4/23/15
eval clojure code without an editor object ? Magnus Rundberget 4/21/15
Removing Light Table associated file icons MX Chai 4/18/15
Change the path shown in file tabs Mihai Cernea 4/14/15
FreeBSD Wesley Ellis 4/11/15
Define a keyboard shortcut to call a function in user's namespace? xavi 4/11/15
How to install LT in ubuntu Abdallla 4/9/15
Getting Started Ari 4/8/15
Having trouble editing key bindings for sidebar Dave Yarwood 4/4/15
Make LightScript the R studio of Clojure Sayth Renshaw 4/3/15
Discussion: Clojure refactor support in LightTable ? Magnus Rundberget 4/1/15
Opening files in lightTable from terminal Erik Griffin 3/30/15
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