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DB pool exhaustion condition David Hagan 4/21/15
Inline JS (in onclick) is not replaced in AJAX-response andreak 4/20/15
[BUG] [3-0M5-1] Potential BUG with lift/page/PAGE_SLUG.js in the new Lift 3-0M5-1 alexmnyc 4/19/15
Multiple Domain names on one liftweb App DoomPirate 4/19/15
check, if comet server push was successful Schulzki 4/19/15
Client side reaction on comet timeout Schulzki 4/19/15
lift-formality: prototype project for nicer Lift forms Antonio Salazar Cardozo 4/18/15
XML 2.6.2 security fix and Xerces dependency Robert Marcano 4/17/15
Controlling Record Field save/update/change process Gustav van der Merwe 4/17/15
Comet internationalization Mirko Saiu 4/16/15
How to max Box[CanBind] work andreak 4/16/15
RestHelper print out all available urls alexmnyc 4/16/15
sbt-closure plugin fork is updated to use latest Closure compiler API's alexmnyc 4/15/15
How to persist Ajax form fields within session? Sriram N 4/13/15
Can't get lazy loading to work Michal Šenkýř 4/12/15
sbt.ResolveException: unresolved dependency: com.github.siasia#xsbt-web-plugin Kevin Meredith 4/9/15
Automated Browser Testing Matt Farmer 4/8/15
Failure handling in lift.js Tobias Hammerschmidt 4/6/15
Lifespan of partial updates Lukasz Olczak 4/6/15
a FOSS project that uses Lift+jetty+revolver+akka Vasya Novikov 4/5/15
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