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Inter-snippet communications Riccardo Sirigu 7/31/16
[ANN] lift-newrelic 1.1.3 released Matt Farmer 7/31/16
CssSelector to modify content of HREF attribute? Eugene Dzhurinsky 7/26/16
Support ContentSourceRestriction hash and nonce Austen Holmes 7/25/16
Lift 3.0-RC3 breaks and ignores SecurityRules settings. Flavian Alexandru 7/25/16
How to use IdMemoize with partialUpdate? Dan Gravell 7/22/16
Mapper, Oracle and LONG RAW Channing Walton 7/20/16
Logging an OutputStreamResponse Dan Gravell 7/19/16
SAML and Lift Donald McLean 7/14/16
Would you like to see this in Lift 2.5? fmpwizard 7/10/16
plan for scala 2.12 of lift ? shigang zhong 7/10/16
minor bug: hardcoded ajax loader path in asyncResolvableTransform Aditya Godara 7/9/16
liftVanilla is experimental - how would you know? fmpwizard 7/7/16
Mysterious memory leak Emmanuel Eytan 7/6/16
onclick, onchange and checkboxes Dan Gravell 7/5/16
Lift forms and CSS3 switches Dan Gravell 7/4/16
Lift Promise javascript api Austen Holmes 7/1/16
Lifting (har har) PR restrictions for Lift Antonio Salazar Cardozo 7/1/16
Putting a print button on my page - "Add helpers to snapshot and pass objects in request parameters" riley 7/1/16
SiteMap sub menus with query strings - can current page be detected? Dan Gravell 6/27/16
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