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lift-json_2.11.8 not in repo Colin Bester 8/30/17
Simply Lift links broken Marc Grue 8/27/17
Loading tab contents when shown Dan Gravell 8/25/17
Lift! Now with Giter8 Templates! Matt Farmer 8/24/17
[FYI] Scala 2.12.3 with -Xcheckinit crashes CometActors David Barri 8/23/17
omniauth vs scribejava for OAuth 8/21/17
LiftRules.cometCreation doesn't work in Lift 3.x.x Josef Vlach 8/20/17
Lift.js error upgrading an app from 2.6.2 to 3.0 Channing Walton 8/18/17
I think it's time to deprecate json-scalaz Matt Farmer 8/17/17
SHtml.idMemoize andreak 8/16/17
API documentation with Swagger Riccardo Sirigu 8/16/17
SameSite cookies Geir Harald Hansen 8/12/17
LiftMagicID with Mongo Session Persistence Ryan Cino 8/10/17
Adding a generic ContainerSerializer[T] 8/9/17
lift-ldap source code repo Vitaliy L 8/9/17
Are there any recent books or resources for lift? 8/3/17
jsonCall Donald McLean 8/3/17
Uploading directories fails with MalformedStreamException: Stream ended unexpectedly andreak 7/31/17
Mapper generates invalid SQL for Postgres 7/31/17
A safer LiftRules setting approach 7/31/17
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