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Lift 3 comet & angular Colin Bester 12/16/16
Lift 3.0.1: Scala 2.12 support Antonio Salazar Cardozo 12/13/16
Restrict user to one session Dave Price 12/13/16
help with sbt and lift to publish 3.0.1 fmpwizard 12/13/16
Lift 3.x, feature Request Colin Bester 12/12/16
Lift.js error upgrading an app from 2.6.2 to 3.0 Channing Walton 12/11/16
Forms which save state during editing (like ajax forms) and also allow "normal" submit Dan Gravell 12/10/16
Forms and idMemoize - form elements not submitted? Dan Gravell 12/10/16
semver as official version format starting with 3.0.1 fmpwizard 12/8/16
Problems with CSP in Lift 3.0, setting ignored once more Flavian Alexandru 12/6/16
Using DateTimeConverter Colin Bester 12/2/16
lift-formality 1.0.0 released Antonio Salazar Cardozo 11/29/16
PaginatorSnippet with filtering capability Riccardo Sirigu 11/28/16
Rendering part of a page Anton K 11/27/16
Is it possible to disable lift's default CSRF protections? andreas kasidis 11/25/16
Benefits for Lift apps from running in a servlet container Alex Kochnev 11/25/16
Localizing a string containing links Joe Barnes 11/22/16
All Lift-related sites are now served via SSL David Pollak 11/21/16 down Alberto Colombo 11/18/16
Server-side VDOM for Lift Joe Barnes 11/18/16
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