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libpsl v0.14.0 released tim.ruehsen 7/30/16
psl DAFSA auto-detection Daniel Kahn Gillmor 7/30/16
thoughts on libpsl in debian Daniel Kahn Gillmor 12/29/15
libpsl 0.11.0 released tim.ruehsen 9/23/15
libpsl 0.10.0 released tim.ruehsen 9/19/15
libpsl 0.8.1 released tim.ruehsen 8/14/15
constness of psl_builtin() and other possible API enhancements Daniel Kahn Gillmor 8/12/15
libpsl 0.8.0 released tim.ruehsen 8/6/15
[PATCH] enable build of docs Daniel Kahn Gillmor 7/14/15
[PATCH] Embed _psl_compile_time derived from $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH if set Daniel Kahn Gillmor 7/12/15
libpsl 0.7.0 released tim.ruehsen 1/31/15
libpsl 0.6.2 released tim.ruehsen 11/17/14
HTTP cookie processing wrt "public suffixes" (fwd) Daniel Stenberg 11/14/14
Fwd: libpsl_0.5.1-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable, unstable tim.ruehsen 9/8/14
PSL discussion on Mozilla's Bugtracker tim.ruehsen 8/14/14
IP-Adresses and psl_is_public_suffix() tim.ruehsen 8/12/14
libpsl 0.5.1 released tim.ruehsen 8/4/14
[Libpsl-bugs] Couple of ideas / feature requests Darshit Shah 7/22/14
libpsl 0.5.0-1 uploaded to debian Daniel Kahn Gillmor 7/8/14
Removing magic numbers and other subtleties Darshit Shah 7/7/14
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