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LNK 1117 Fatal Error Yokanan Wigar 10/12/17
v3.0.3 modbus rtu not working stable Ilhan SEVEN 10/12/17 AC_FUNC_MALLOC breaks cross compilation oldfaber 10/12/17
Sending data in 32bit? victor passos 10/9/17
TCP server example 9/11/17
Anonymous typedefs in implementation Erich Fuchs 8/24/17
Systematic errors when consuming data each second 8/9/17
TCP-Server/RTU-Slave callback implementation Patrick Boettcher 8/7/17
Modbus TCP Server Listen fails sometimes on port 502 Sarang Kalbande 8/4/17
Re: Buffer Overflow Detected Stephane Raimbault 7/27/17
Connection Timed Out Yiping Li 7/27/17
libmodbus stable version (3.0.6) on a Siemens IOT2020 system Massimiliano Fago 7/27/17
TCP unexpected message length dirtbikersteve 7/25/17
RTU libmodbus unit-test-server with modbus master program running on windows not working! Sudhanshu Bhutani 7/19/17
modbus_rtu_set_custom_rts Noel 7/19/17
Using libmodbus on OpenWRT Elanktronik 7/16/17
"Modbus-TCP to Modbus-RTU" bridge Elanktronik 7/6/17
_modbus_tcp_select goes into infinite loop on EINTR Krishnaraj R Bhat 7/4/17
ABI version in differs from so filename Alexander Dahl 5/31/17
libmodbus connection reset by peer divya 5/30/17
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