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Modbus ASCII implementation proposal 7/5/15
Error handling and differencing between TCP link and RS485 link error Manuel Quinteiro 7/5/15
modbus_rtu_set_serial_mode not working (bad file descriptor) neither with RS232 nor RS485 mode kamel zaarouri 7/3/15
libmodbus with QT 5.4 and MinGW3.9.1 & windows 8.1 NO Connect and All kinds of warnings 6/30/15
modbus_connect() timeout 6/30/15
Support for MODBUS RTU over TCP? George Pajari 6/29/15
Reading input registers as server/slave Nuno Santos 6/26/15
modbus rtu sent and received by socker 刘长坤 6/12/15
nb parameter to modbus_read_bits Peter Budts 6/10/15
Problem with writing a register: libmodbus for dummies 6/2/15
Waiting for a confirmation... ERROR Connection timed out: select franco bustaffa 5/31/15
Wrong receiver framedata with RS485 Nguyen Tu 5/27/15
Re: Multiple Slaves Stephane Raimbault 5/27/15
libmodbus for BBB-PC Nha-Y Phan 5/27/15
Server down Stephane Raimbault 5/15/15
modbus_read_bits() & modbus_read_registers() mysteriously stop working paulqnz 5/12/15
Confirmation Receiving Partial Echo of Transmission Jake Reher 5/9/15
Response not from requested slave f mariani 5/5/15
Does anyone use libmodbus on raspberry pi ? m k 4/22/15
How to install *.run file on RPi hoan nguyen 4/15/15
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