Discussion group for LevelDB. LevelDB is a open source library that implements a fast persistent key-value store.

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Extract data from levelDB Sabrina Dopierala 3/24/15
Issue 256 in leveldb: leveldb: LOCK: Resource temporarily unavailable lev...@googlecode.com 3/15/15
Effective maximum value size Michael Overmeyer 3/2/15
LevelDB compaction of levels Anuj Khandelwal 3/2/15
Issue 234 in leveldb: snappy lev...@googlecode.com 2/10/15
Regarding Block size Deepesh J 2/8/15
Where can I find the open source of LevelDB integrated with NVMKV of Fusion IO? רון גלעד 2/8/15
JNI access to LevelDB from ActiveMQ (Java) Roman Kharkovski 2/2/15
Best way to delete data in LevelDB? Jim 1/25/15
Visual Studio support Daniel Krikun 1/22/15
new database benchmark against leveldb Joan 1/10/15
ANNOUNCEMENT: leveldb-sharp 1.9.0 Mirco Bauer 12/18/14
Issue 215 in leveldb: LevelDB occassionally crash when Snappy enabled lev...@googlecode.com 12/13/14
Why not keep memtable in recover? IwfWcf Zhang 12/4/14
How use Filter in levelDB to search key The Nguyen Xuan 12/4/14
Windows/Boost LevelDB port updated to 1.18 Edouard A 12/4/14
Issue 139 in leveldb: A .pc file pkg-config would be useful for linux OSes lev...@googlecode.com 12/1/14
Database get returning a slice instead of a string Ciprian Dorin Craciun 11/26/14
Issue 255 in leveldb: Patch for /Makefile lev...@googlecode.com 11/25/14
LevelDB Cache Christian Dimitrov 11/8/14
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