Discussion group for LevelDB. LevelDB is a open source library that implements a fast persistent key-value store.

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[using leveldb problem] what is the different between db->get (key) and db->NewIterator(), iter->seek(key) ? pengl...@gmail.com 3/20/18
ReadError: Database is not open Nimesh Shah 3/15/18
will there be a good perf improvement by avoiding extra get call Monu Agrawal 3/1/18
Caching in Leveldb f201...@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in 2/21/18
Write parallelism for multiple leveldb instances (each on different disk) with threads ashokana 2/8/18
How to limit LevelDB maximum disk size ? Adong Fan 12/28/17
Installation on Windows 10 Shikhar 12/20/17
Leveldb compaction ijunai...@gmail.com 12/1/17
leveldb multiple deletes - fragmentation golang Dev DP 11/14/17
LevelDB data loss possibilities pankaj goyal 11/5/17
LevelDB files are corrupt, How can we repair them? Junaid Farooq 11/3/17
leveldb data corrupt after power down. Chunping Ruan 11/3/17
A Level-db python client Rancho Cooper 10/24/17
Heads-up: Release 1.21 will have breaking changes in the build system Victor Costan 10/17/17
One more time about multiple processes access... kura...@mail.ru 8/20/17
Consistency of database snapshot when another process is writing to it scott 7/14/17
On Debian all I need is two steps to dump a SQLite file. How about for leveldb? Dan Jacobson 7/9/17
max leveldb db size without steep degradation in performance Ren Z 4/30/17
CompactRange does not remove old values? Aman Gupta 3/1/17
How to unlockFile ? qLvlDb 2/28/17
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