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Apply Leo's main stylesheet to plugin window john lunzer 8:21 AM
Recent commit adds subtree only and node capability to quicksearch plugin john lunzer 8/27/15
Seeking juicy new problems Edward K. Ream 8/27/15
Leo's future Edward K. Ream 8/26/15
versions, re-install, etc. Todd Mars 8/26/15
NEW: Edit Settings menu Terry Brown 8/25/15
Re: Wrap around search/replace in the Find tab Edward K. Ream 8/25/15
Running a Qt application with Ctrl-B reinhard...@googlemail.com 8/25/15
Bug in Find tab reinhard...@googlemail.com 8/25/15
Find tab: forward wrapping does not work reinhard...@googlemail.com 8/25/15
Increasing the "instant appeal" of Leo Ville M. Vainio 8/25/15
pyw as extension for @clean imports reinhard...@googlemail.com 8/25/15
Does @clean go too far? Geoff Evans 8/24/15
trying to save an @edit node with children john lunzer 8/21/15
New html_tag() abbreviation some abbreviation fixes in latest commit john lunzer 8/21/15
each node content is same when open with gvim or gedit zhaohe wang 8/21/15
Mixing live code and @RST wgw 8/18/15
xkcd: Bwahahaha. Edward K. Ream 8/18/15
Reducing visual clutter in Tree john lunzer 8/17/15
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