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6930128158 (devel) fixes all known key-related problems Edward K. Ream 4:05 AM
gd is now a synonym for git-diff Edward K. Ream 3:44 AM
Please read: recent changes to master and devel Edward K. Ream 3:25 AM
Schedule for keys2 branch, Leo 5.7.2 Edward K. Ream 4/25/18
Bug in the paste-retaining-clones prototype Edward K. Ream 4/25/18
6d05a6ee0 in devel fixes #862: paste-retaining-clones can corrupt the outline Edward K. Ream 4/25/18
ENB: Changing branches safely Edward K. Ream 4/24/18
ENB: Why I think keyword args are benign Edward K. Ream 4/24/18
Viewing the json created by Vitalize's prototype code Edward K. Ream 4/24/18
The keys3 branch contains latest work on vim keys Edward K. Ream 4/23/18
keys2 branch merged into devel Edward K. Ream 4/23/18
My new programming style Edward K. Ream 4/21/18
Summary of keys2 branch Edward K. Ream 4/20/18
Question about cloning nodes Joe Orr 4/20/18
ENB: fixing Leo's key handling Edward K. Ream 4/19/18
4c2e775a10 (keys2): experimental handling of bare modifier keys Edward K. Ream 4/19/18
Key / Menu issue Re: [leo-editor/leo-editor] Detach: AttributeError: 'LeoQtGui' object has no attribute 'getImageImageFinder' (#864) Terry Brown 4/19/18
Basic Layout of the Leo GUI rengel 4/19/18
An issue about the "Running Leo after pip install leo" in Leo Official documents mingx...@gmail.com 4/18/18
The keys2 branch is now code complete Edward K. Ream 4/18/18
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