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Enhancement: Show global line number in lower left status bar john lunzer 1:46 PM
Any way to kill/restart the IPython kernel? john lunzer 8:00 AM
Thumb: rule of Kent Tenney 7:58 AM
Proposal: remove emacs-style abbreviation commands Edward K. Ream 7:26 AM
Qt 4 / 5 Terry Brown 2:38 AM
@auto x.json and @auto-json now work Edward K. Ream 2:32 AM
WormClones john lunzer 5/4/16
@bool plain_key_outline_search = True Edward K. Ream 5/4/16
FreeMind and MindJet imports ready for testing Edward K. Ream 5/4/16
Working on importers next Edward K. Ream 5/3/16
can not load enabled plugin: viewrendered3 bigdash lewis 5/3/16
The trunk is now open Edward K. Ream 5/2/16
Leo 5.3-final released Edward K. Ream 5/2/16
Leo 5.3-b1 released Edward K. Ream 4/30/16
Clarify theme instructions lewis 4/29/16
Please hold all commits until 5.3-b1 Edward K. Ream 4/29/16
Bug: expand-next-level keeps counting beyond maximum level john lunzer 4/28/16
New clone scripting pattern Edward K. Ream 4/28/16
Suggestion: Expand right arrow behavior in outline to perform goto-last-sibling if node has no children with siblings john lunzer 4/27/16
FYI: Enhancements for 5.4 Edward K. Ream 4/27/16
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