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The cmds branch (#589) is ready for serious testing Edward K. Ream 3:11 PM
ENB: Aha: use @c.command to split leoCommands.py Edward K. Ream 3:06 PM
List of all *python* dependencies and why Matt Wilkie 11/23/17
how should an (ordinary) user install Leo on Linux? Josef 11/23/17
Doh! Document branches in issues Edward K. Ream 11/23/17
leo-editor.com in "suspended page" mode Matt Wilkie 11/22/17
Declutter patterns for org-mode tags Edward K. Ream 11/22/17
viewrendered fails to load Josef 11/22/17
b94fe31 organizes @data tree-declutter-patterns in leoSettings.leo Edward K. Ream 11/22/17
ENB: Completing #578: support for org-mode tags Edward K. Ream 11/22/17
b8242d2: clone-find commands now sort their results Edward K. Ream 11/21/17
Basic concepts of using Leo to organise a python program lewis 11/21/17
Leo's bug tracker appears to be messed up Edward K. Ream 11/21/17
Tweaked tags plugin for leo_cloud support Terry Brown 11/21/17
[Off-topic?] Blog post about Grafoscopio and Jupyter Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas 11/20/17
new Github [Pip] issues label for pip, pypi.org, setup.py Matt Wilkie 11/20/17
Cleaning up the worst pep8 offenses Edward K. Ream 11/20/17
Back to fixing bugs Edward K. Ream 11/20/17
Rev 24da84a completes #327, letting local files unbind bindings Edward K. Ream 11/20/17
ENB: Discussion of the fix to #579 re key bindings Edward K. Ream 11/19/17
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