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288914b: viewrendered plugin supports @pyplot nodes Edward K. Ream 10:37 AM
Backspace key when editing headlines on Mac Ghostwriter 9/28/16
Thought experiment: a Leo web app based on Jupyter Edward K. Ream 9/28/16
remove line numbers brian 9/28/16
Qt docking as a replacement for NestedSplitter "Easteregg" menu. Terry Brown 9/27/16
My 15 year plan Edward K. Ream 9/27/16
Small typos in the Leo testimonials page (made by myself) Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas 9/27/16
Syntax coloring cloned node lnoorde...@gmail.com 9/27/16
Using leo for acquiring new fields of knowledge (self-education) and keeping compact documentation Propadovic Nenad 9/27/16
Leo made code "in the wild". Terry Brown 9/26/16
More on vr and vr2 Edward K. Ream 9/24/16
Proposal: abandon #303 and VR3 Edward K. Ream 9/24/16
Viewrendered pane becomes static lewis 9/24/16
xml (html) parser ignores <section> tags Largo84 9/23/16
importer proposal tfer 9/23/16
Object Explorer (was Re: Leo and Eve) Terry Brown 9/23/16
Re: Rendering markdown in the viewrendered pane Edward K. Ream 9/23/16
vim-open-node opens file Kent Tenney 9/23/16
Viewrendered not loading using Python 3.5.1 64-bit and PyQt 5.6.0 on Windows 10 64-bit Dee 9/23/16
My Perception of Leo Chris George 9/23/16
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