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Pare Leo down and make it a plugin tfer 10:07 AM
Can node act as function, I can invoke it and pass parameters and return result? Koo Zen 8/22/16
Installing Leo with pip rengel 8/20/16
Multiple windows? Mike Hodson 8/17/16
Leo loads a deleted file lewis 8/16/16
Leo file not saved with File>Exit lewis 8/13/16
Writeup of ideal collaboration software features: http://strlen.com/ultimate-collaboration-tool Joshua Olson 8/11/16
Installing Leo from PyPI? Viktor Ransmayr 8/11/16
Can a plugin add new directives? Aaron Digulla 8/8/16
Again: Restoring sessions rengel 8/1/16
Leo not running with pythonw.exe Terry 7/30/16
Leo and OSX and keyboard events and the Meta key Karsten Wolf 7/30/16
running viewrendered hard crashes leo lewis 7/27/16
Why is Leo great? Propadovic Nenad 7/20/16
can not load enabled plugin: viewrendered3 bigdash lewis 7/14/16
Please start using PR's: git pull requests Edward K. Ream 7/14/16
Help -- Idea for a UI addition tfer 7/12/16
Leo's inner workings trimmed from Doc? tfer 7/12/16
Leo on Python 3.5, PyQt 5.6 & Windows 10? Viktor Ransmayr 7/10/16
Time travel in Leo Edward K. Ream 7/9/16
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