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Installing Leo Mike Rinaldi 12:28 PM
help!!!!!! Mike Rinaldi 12:04 PM
Active Path Plugin Error Beckett Simmons 2/28/15
New setting: @bool @bool make-node-conflicts-node Edward K. Ream 2/28/15
Updated list of bugs targeted for Leo 5.1 b1 Edward K. Ream 2/27/15
Something I need, Word? (haha) Todd Mars 2/27/15
@clean is more important than we think :-) Edward K. Ream 2/26/15
http://leoeditor.com/load-leo.html is a .leo file reader Edward K. Ream 2/26/15
Characters changed in @nosent xml files Largo84 2/26/15
Leo 5.1 docs online Edward K. Ream 2/26/15
@nosent goto line bug vitalije 2/26/15
3 important projects at once Edward K. Ream 2/26/15
@nosent and 'Recovered Nodes' Kent Tenney 2/24/15
A working prototype: rendering .leo files in a browser Edward K. Ream 2/24/15
Use new unformat-paragraph command with @wrap Edward K. Ream 2/23/15
Leo 5.1 will support @auto and @shadow. It's coming soon Edward K. Ream 2/23/15
An xslt prototype for a read-only version of Leo as a web app Edward K. Ream 2/23/15
Leo as a git diff Edward K. Ream 2/23/15
an idea regarding @ and @c directives inside @nosent and @shadow nodes vitalije 2/23/15
Any reason to keep @auto or @shadow? Edward K. Ream 2/23/15
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