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Leo and fossil Edward K. Ream 8:25 AM
Revised plans for 2017 Edward K. Ream 6:45 AM
Fast syntax coloring is now on the trunk Edward K. Ream 3:28 AM
The fast-colorizing branch: a revolution in syntax coloring Edward K. Ream 1:53 AM
Syntax coloring mystery solved!! Edward K. Ream 1/15/17
Leo's real weaknesses Edward K. Ream 1/14/17
Two outliners with live coding support Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas 1/14/17
Careful: 54cfa50 contains major changes & removes big-text hack Edward K. Ream 1/14/17
Understanding Leo Code rengel 1/13/17
Goto Script query lewis 1/12/17
ENB: pyzo syntax coloring: progress and a big mystery Edward K. Ream 1/12/17
Improving Leo using pyzo code Edward K. Ream 1/12/17
Text wrapping in Leo Terry Brown 1/12/17
Switching focus to Leo via Alt-TAB sometimes very slow (W7)? jkn 1/12/17
Embedding Leo into pyzo? Edward K. Ream 1/11/17
The design of Leo+Ipython+Jupyter+Lit-computing Edward K. Ream 1/11/17
Leo + PlantUML workflow Satish Goda 1/11/17
Implementation of Jupyter cells in Leo Edward K. Ream 1/10/17
Documentation - Running Leo lewis 1/10/17
Is outline "leoPluginRef.leo" inconsistent on GitHub? Viktor Ransmayr 1/7/17
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