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Cursor Lag When Scrolling Text Chris George 1:44 PM
5a78f7c: Leo shows line number in gutter by default Edward K. Ream 7:09 AM
How did we ever live without ctrl-click = find-def? Edward K. Ream 7/3/15
plugin expfolder failing to install Israel Hands 7/1/15
About recent changes to Leo's find commands Edward K. Ream 6/30/15
Leo's new find-def & find-var commands Edward K. Ream 6/30/15
sphinx live preview with rst3? Jacob Floyd 6/29/15
ENB: Proposal re #199: handling already-open files Edward K. Ream 6/26/15
a1c8133: color feedback for searches in the status line Edward K. Ream 6/26/15
Rev ae13c9: Leo selects proper node/line on tracebacks Edward K. Ream 6/24/15
FYI: my git workflow Edward K. Ream 6/23/15
The new find panel ready for early testing Edward K. Ream 6/23/15
The new Find Dialog is complete Edward K. Ream 6/23/15
Improvements: Find status & instant @wrap Edward K. Ream 6/22/15
themes Terry Brown 6/20/15
New (disabled) themes stuff now in leoSettings.leo Edward K. Ream 6/20/15
Recursively traversing a node and its children john lunzer 6/19/15
Proposal: merge both viewrendered plugins Edward K. Ream 6/18/15
Heads up: Rev 48f157f completes @tree-image-open/closed settings Edward K. Ream 6/17/15
ENB: Themes (Was: Help! how do themes...) Edward K. Ream 6/17/15
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