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Global Project Variables - like simple settings nodes, but available to all nodes john lunzer 4:27 AM
Strategy for #165: vim-open-file Edward K. Ream 5/3/15
OMG: @data history-list is *so* useful Edward K. Ream 5/1/15
New plugin: python_terminal.py, adds an interactive python session to your log pane Jacob Peck 5/1/15
Off-topic: jiphy Jacob Peck 5/1/15
I'd like help with #106, brew install for MacOS Edward K. Ream 5/1/15
LeoDocs update - plugins. viewrendered lewis 5/1/15
wrap as you type... Terry Brown 4/30/15
section references... Terry Brown 4/30/15
Git talk at Pycon2015 Kent Tenney 4/30/15
Insertion point for abbreviations Largo84 4/30/15
Find replace all suboutline john lunzer 4/29/15
Minimal Code example for plugin which can add widget to a pane john lunzer 4/29/15
Rev 419a82d changes handling of orphan bits Edward K. Ream 4/28/15
Rev 585d2f4 improves abbreviations Edward K. Ream 4/28/15
Terry, it looks like I reverted 7d21d1a Edward K. Ream 4/28/15
obvious abbreviation... Terry Brown 4/28/15
adding node with headline string jkn 4/28/15
bookmarks.py "Bookmarks not active for this outline" SegundoBob 4/27/15
Rev b52e79b improves @ifx settings selectors Edward K. Ream 4/26/15
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