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Welcome to LED Nerds Robert Atkins 9/5/12
Arduino Interupts Phil 5/4/15
LED strip repair Phil 4/16/15
Pink Pixels Phil 4/8/15
Call for art Phil 3/31/15
APA-102 Phil 1/10/15
"The Light Aquatic" - Underwater Light sculpture, Yerington, NV Osc 2018 7/10/14
Which pixels? Phil 4/23/14
Planet LED Robert Atkins 1/12/14
16x16 WS2811 LED Panels EkriirkE PersonaLED LEDSuit 11/13/13
The Colour Stealing Cloak Rebecca Yates 11/12/13
Need Moar Power Robert Atkins 11/11/13
LEDS with built in WS2811 - PICKY about power! Andrew 7/24/13
LED pixel strand with more distance between pixels Dustin Selman 6/19/13
burning man Jeff Z 6/11/13
portable adjustable power Anton Kast 6/11/13
Holy shitballs, flexible LED panels! Robert Atkins 6/8/13
The Bay Lights Art Installation Nicholas Granado 2/4/13
What constants / device for fastspi with TM1803? clay_shooter 12/8/12
Light Emitting Dudes Robert Atkins 11/28/12
Arduino-controlled LED glasses. Pretty neat. Robert Atkins 11/14/12
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