Learning Registry: Collaborate

Welcome to the Learning Registry: Collaborate list.

If you are interested in integrating, developing applications, working with Paradata… using the Learning Registry to make awesome things happen, then this is the Google Group for you. 
This list is suited to projects we're working now, for Plugfest and any collaborative effort involving the Learning Registry.

If you're new here, please take a moment to write a first "Hello Group" post and introduce yourself so we can get to know and help you.

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EZ Publish Jim Klo 12/12/13
Would LR make sense for asserting texts apply to state content standards Tim Kinkead 11/18/13
LR and LRI for learning objectives frameworks? Jim G 11/9/13
LR node connectivity Jim Klo 9/13/13
CEDS Version 4 Public Review Draft Released: Comments Due 9/20 Jim G 9/3/13
FW: LRMI AlignmentObject and the description of competencies and learning objectives Joshua Marks 7/22/13
Metadata Terms of Service John Weatherley 7/16/13
Moodle Activity Streams Pat Lockley 6/25/13
Re: [learningreg-dev] Fwd: Augmenting others' metadata Jim Klo 6/19/13
Test for bounce... Jim Klo 6/14/13
Release Tomorrow Walt Grata 5/29/13
Special presentation on today's call: IllinoisWorknet project Marie Bienkowski 5/29/13
Discussion: Network Node Filter Description Data Model Jim Klo 4/30/13
LR Public Node Update Walt Grata 3/27/13
Comments related to a rubric jgri...@siuccwd.com 3/21/13
Fwd: Schema.org microdata highlighter Steve Midgley 3/7/13
Production Update Walt Grata 3/6/13
SXSW Edu joe hobson 3/4/13
WordPress World Changes Pat Lockley 2/25/13
Problem with (re-)installation of node Andy Green 2/25/13
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