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Leaflet 0.7 Released Vladimir Agafonkin 4/12/14
Leaflet IRC channel Vladimir Agafonkin 6/28/13
keyboard events k_man_au 4:39 PM
"TypeError: el.className is undefined" When dragging map and release beyond browser window (only FF) Rohit Wagh 1:43 PM
Baselayer-Selection breaks when changing overlays with 'onbaselayerchange' altn...@uni-trier.de 10:54 AM
new QGIS to leaflet plugin Riccardo Klinger 10:13 AM
Trying to get markers to increase on size with zoom, issues because using geoJSON! Katy Meyers 4/22/14
Custom Projection for ImageOverlay Daniel S. 4/22/14
Leaflet and obf Files Arnie Shore 4/22/14
Map show nothing after 2 years using Павел Меньшиков 4/22/14
Using a sprite for icons? Andy Wallace 4/21/14
Best way to store Leaflet map extent between page visits? ab16.a1 4/20/14
leaflet problem with questionmark in anchor in bindpopup ekevanb...@gmail.com 4/20/14
Get ClassName Method? Brad McCarron 4/19/14
Draw on map kegita 4/18/14
Localization for Leaflet Benjamin Naretto 4/18/14
leaflet - layers (Google, WMS and OSM) Proj4Leaflet EPSG 4326 Renato Duarte 4/17/14
Location is undefined James Bridle 4/17/14
Leaflet plugin modal message Stefano Cudini 4/16/14
seeking recipes or examples for overlaying my local sketch on OSM hen3ry 4/16/14
Question regarding Marker Cluster Leaflet_Mapbox_newbie 4/16/14
Using GeoTIFFs with leaflet Bryan Brown 4/16/14
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