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Lawrence Creates Makerspace
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Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Lawrence

Date of founding


Last Updated 2013-09-24






Snail mail

512 E 9th St. (9th and NJ), Lawrence, KS66044 LawrenceUnited States of America

Number of members


Membership fee

$20 monthly, $20 registration

Size of rooms

200 r ft²

Open to Exchanges? maybe
Open to Residencies? maybe
Location 38° 58' 5" N, 95° 13' 51" W


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The makerspace (hackerspace/hacklab, techlab, computer geek) and art center.

Open Streetmap : IRC: #lawrencecreates on

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Special Interest Group Floss Mailing list :!forum/lawrence-creates-sig-floss

Hackerspace mailing list :!forum/lawrence-creates-hackerspace

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Makerspace Meetup tonight 7:30 - , with refreshments, pizza, etc. + Requests and offers Lawrence Creates Makerspace Friends and Members 3/18/14
Free Makerspace class on Saturday for members, plus several more! Lawrence Creates Makerspace Friends and Members 3/7/14
Makerspace fun night Thursday 6:30 + $35 computer + FREE training + much more! Eric Kirkendall 3/6/14
Please come to our Makerspace work party on Tuesday nite at 7:30, with pizza and beer Lawrence Creates Makerspace Friends and Members 1/26/14
Please come tonight (Tuesday 7:30 - ?) - Work party + pizza + do you have a rug for the lounge? Eric Kirkendall 1/22/14
Tonight's Makerspace meeting - fun, hot topics, and call for more! Eric Kirkendall 1/14/14
Invitation to Retro Gaming Day - Saturday at the Lawrence Creates Makerspace, 2 pm - ? Eric Kirkendall 9/11/14
Maker Meetup Tuesday at 7:30 pm Eric Kirkendall 8/25/14
Invitation to the Makerspace Member Meetup tonight (Tuesday) at 7:30 Eric Kirkendall 8/12/14
Can you help our crew at Confabularryum? Eric Kirkendall 8/9/14
Maker Meetup Tomorrow + Confabularryum + More! Eric Kirkendall 8/4/14
Re: Time-critical - 3D printer help requested for 10:30 press interview Eric Kirkendall 7/31/14
Time-critical - 3D printer help requested Eric Kirkendall 7/31/14
Special Maker demos at the Maker Meetup on Tuesday + Urgent need for exhaust fan and used (or new) central AC units Eric Kirkendall 7/28/14
Maker Meetup Tonight + Please invite your friends to the this Friday's Lawrence Art Party! Eric Kirkendall 7/22/14
Join up Code for America Lawrence Kansas Mike Dupont 7/20/14
Lawrence Creates Makerspace named "One of the Most Interesting Makerspaces in America" + more! Eric Kirkendall 7/6/14
At tonight's Maker Meetup - Screening of the 25 minute Lawrence Creates Makerspace documentary "Our Story" Eric Kirkendall 7/1/14
Fwd: Eureka! The Inventors Camp to be held Mike Dupont 6/30/14
Maker Meetup Tuesday at 7:30 with Papa Kenos pizza and refreshments Eric Kirkendall 6/30/14
Graphic Design Company in Chennai moviesupdates jai 6/30/14
Need help this Tuesday at 8 to move donations to Social Service League + Wood Shop Training on Saturday June 28 and July 12 + Wood shop opening soon! Eric Kirkendall 6/21/14
Would you like to show and sell your art at the Final Friday Lawrence Art Party on June 27? Eric Kirkendall 6/20/14
Makerfaire KC Mike Dupont 6/17/14
Maker Meetup Tonight (Tuesday) at 7:30 Eric Kirkendall 6/17/14
Please come to our Maker Meetup at 7:30 Tuesday night, Pizza, refreshments, and fun with creative people Eric Kirkendall 6/9/14
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