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Working at Amazon Ryan Hess 1/11/16
Announcing Utah Haskell - First meetup Thursday, Aug 20 Sean Hess 8/5/15
CIS194-based Lectures Levi Pearson 3/7/15
list of resources for learning Haskell Harold Carr 10/27/14
Operator Sections Levi Pearson 10/17/14
new haskell book by Richard Bird Harold Carr 10/16/14
Eric Meijer's edX Haskell course starts on Wed Oct 15, 2014 Harold Carr 10/13/14
subreddit for people doing self-study of CIS194 Harold Carr 10/13/14
Haskell Study Group: NICTA: List.hs Harold Carr 10/7/14
Haskell Study Group - 1st month - getting started Harold Carr 9/17/14
Haskell : use hlint to improve your code Harold Carr 9/17/14
Good links for setting up emacs and haskell? Michael Whitehead 9/10/14
Any companies in Utah working in Haskell? Sean Hess 9/9/14
Haskell course Harold Carr 8/13/14
good Scala meetup coming up Ben Mabey 8/5/14
Wanted: Part-time Clojure Consultants Chad Harrington 6/11/14
Slides & Stuff Levi Pearson 6/10/14
What should we cover next? New subreddit to discuss potential topics... Ben Mabey 5/1/14
Looking for presenter on Intro to Clojure Ben Mabey 3/11/14
Haskell Slides Levi Pearson 2/12/14
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