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Couldn't get Cassandra DS client working Christ Jou 7/31/15
[RELEASE] Kundera 3.0 Chhavi Gangwal 7/25/15
Issue when switching from Kudera 2.06 to Kundera 2.12 Ngo Doan Lap 7/15/15
Kundera Meetup ! Chhavi Gangwal 7/3/15
Example of how to use timeUUID and autogenerate for Cassandra? Brad Gawne 6/22/15
updatable=false not working? Eugene Fleischman Sotirescu 6/17/15
Map-Reduce Jobs with Kundera. Devender Yadav 6/9/15
HBase column families Charly Lizarralde 6/2/15
Transactions and HA with multiple tomcats over Kundera with cassandra backend alexe...@smartseater.com 5/29/15
Error in Play Framework example? David Wynter 5/25/15
No Entity metadata found for the class .... Charly Lizarralde 5/14/15
[Release] Kundera-2.17 Chhavi Gangwal 5/9/15
TomEE Configuration - Please bind [com.impetus.kundera.persistence.jta.KunderaJTAUserTransaction] for :{java:comp/UserTransaction} Exception Alex Belch 4/30/15
Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.scale7:scale7-pelops:jar:1.3-1.0.x Alexey Belyak 4/29/15
Kundera Version kamaraju prathi 4/28/15
Play Framework No Entity Metadata found for the class Bo Vargas 4/22/15
it won't be loaded as entity kamaraju prathi 4/22/15
Composite partition key support TK 4/8/15
"Enable id auto generation support via timeuuid now function #501" feature question TK 4/3/15
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