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Lyx child documents Glenn Schultz 7/27/15
set fig.cap based on chunk label Bill Evans 7/16/15
Global variable in knitr not working for both R code Chunks and LaTeX Stella Johnson 7/13/15
Specify/alter horizontal position of xtable output in knitr Luck Buttered 7/13/15
equation numbering in markdown/knitr Guy Lebanon 7/9/15
Created a shiny website with knitr Vincent Nijs 6/29/15
a Ruby engine Stéphane Laurent 6/22/15
Enforce PDF package vignette with knitr January 6/20/15
Creating a pdf with relative links to plots Ian Handel 6/16/15
Unwanted R code echo in PDF Ross Ahmed 6/14/15
Including liquid tags in knitr output Joe 6/12/15
"size" option with highlight in pdf Carl Boettiger 5/27/15
Problem with generated html and Rmarkdown Frank Harrell 5/26/15
Re: [knitr] Hmisc summary.formula in html markdown Carl Boettiger 5/25/15
Font family specified by extrafont in ggplot halts execution of knitr Edward Wallace 5/21/15
can knitr 'remember' a previously knitted result? Vincent Nijs 5/19/15
LaTeX-like commands in Rmarkdown Stéphane Laurent 5/19/15
Feature request: dependencies tree Edward Wallace 5/12/15
Javascript engine in knitr Stéphane Laurent 5/8/15
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