Welcome to the knitr discussion group. The package homepage is at: Here you can ask questions, make suggestions and discuss ideas about automatic report generation in R. For questions, StackOverflow might be a better place to go, since it is a much larger community than this mailing list:

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How to show a string vector as bullet list Daniel Fan 2/24/17
Using custom knit_print functions in r notebooks Carsten Schwemmer 2/12/17
Too much time running the doc (Shiny) André Salvati 2/7/17
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No images in nb.html file Joyce Robbins 1/27/17
Problems with tikzDevice when using certain Latex commands Martin Schmelzer 1/18/17
Rmarkdown and MS Word Vincent Fulco 1/17/17
difference between knit_child and knit_expand for undelimited variables Stéphane Laurent 1/4/17
Error R N Sarma 12/27/16
Existing Rmd file to Notebook? Agustin Lobo 12/16/16
CSS style for span classes in code chunks Mathieu Boidot 12/12/16
Importing Latex tables Severin Reissl 12/1/16
package loading problem with rmarkdown Inzirio Appoggio 10/18/16
message flag seems to be inverted 10/12/16
SPARQL Engine for knitr Alex Karman 10/10/16
Re: [knitr] setwd() globally for all chunks? Yihui Xie 10/5/16
Error in importing a new python module in knitr umair durrani 10/3/16
MathJax load package Kuo Kan Liang 10/3/16
Enforce PDF package vignette with knitr January 9/26/16
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