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RStudio chunk render=function(x,...){} not working Malcolm Cook 3/13/18
footnote in rmarkdown in one tab only himanshu tripathi 3/7/18
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Embedded image lost when compiling R Markdown with Dot to HTML Steve 2/9/18
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Output format in engines Python / Octave, result options JJdasWIESEL 10/26/17
Need help in starting R presentation Vikram Rawat 10/12/17
render from jupyterhub does not work 9/29/17
Why do HTML and PDF rmarkdown files react differently to the 'child =' code chunk option? Joe Hightower 9/28/17
What is the correct way to pass a variable to a code chunk option? Joe Hightower 9/28/17
Julia engine in knitr in progress Changcheng Li 9/26/17
How can i get R Markdown Cheat Sheet 's template? guke su 9/10/17
Setting large document with Knitr HD 8/14/17
Missing { inserted in R markdown Guy Abel 7/9/17
create an html file with 3d plot Long Vo 6/25/17
unable to output to pdf via knitR Mike Dylan 6/14/17
Emergency!!! New outbreak of Rmarkdown virus needed!!! John Williams 5/28/17
Using :load in knitr Mark Bower 5/23/17
Flextable in .pdf markdown files Conal Monaghan 5/22/17
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