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Enforce PDF package vignette with knitr January 9/26/16
Notes for tables in html format (kable) Fernando Hoces De La Guardia 9/8/16
blogging workflow with RWordPress John Williams 7/26/16
help with child documents Glenn Schultz 5/23/16
Knit HTML logo doesn't appear in the toolbar after installing Ivan Calderon 5/21/16
showing chunk options Joyce Robbins 5/18/16
page sizes and plots James Kitson 5/15/16
Where are the images gone after knitr/rmarkdown? Dieter Menne 5/14/16
eval.after documentation Oleg Mayba 5/2/16
Divert output of specific chunks to separate file? JoAnn A 4/8/16
Wrap text around xtable generated by a code chunk 4/5/16
Re: [knitr] Option to include [ show | hide ] links in code Rmarkdown chunks Carl Boettiger 4/4/16
Publish blog posts from R + knitr to WordPress (repo unexist) Duván Pardo 3/31/16
Plotly charts in a for loop kaustubh shinde 3/26/16
"object not found error using knitr HTML Gary Kidson 2/27/16
cache.rebuild with cache=2 Oleg Mayba 2/26/16
code and image in 2 columns? 2/26/16
code and image side by side? 2/26/16
Reconfiguring RStudio after upgrade to OS X El Capitan - knitr and Markdown doesn't work Joanna Zyprych-Walczak 2/18/16
setting eval=FALSE globally 2/18/16
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