Welcome to the knitr discussion group. The package homepage is at: Here you can ask questions, make suggestions and discuss ideas about automatic report generation in R. For questions, StackOverflow might be a better place to go, since it is a much larger community than this mailing list:

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Drawing a gList object Haribald Grundhuber 4/24/15
Cannot compile to html since updating to 3.2 Fernando Hoces De La Guardia 4/21/15
Javascript engine in knitr Stéphane Laurent 4/20/15
Special characters in \Sexpr Philippe Massicotte 4/19/15
Easily Print all R code in Appendix Jordan Schafer 4/10/15
Color of warning and error messages dogle 4/9/15
Preview edits made in .Rnw file Ross Ahmed 4/9/15
Inline code snippet (knitr) Philippe Massicotte 4/8/15
How do I iteratively generate multiple inline sentences or paragraphs in RStudio knitted Rmd? Tony Hirst 4/8/15
Prevent Javascript Embedding to Reduce File Size Brandon Hurr 4/6/15
wordpress and leaflet Jarrett Byrnes 4/2/15
Problem with generated html and Rmarkdown Frank Harrell 3/30/15
Disabling base64 image embedding in RMarkdown? Keith Hughitt 3/26/15
knitr - embedded HTML tags being escaped - how to turn off Robert Schuff 3/15/15
Can pandoc metadata play nicely with vignettes written as .Rmd? Douglas Bates 3/10/15
Markdown to PDF Josh Lindsteadt 2/26/15
tikz in a header included into a .Rnw file - causes xcolor problems el231bat 2/26/15
How can I display (not just read data from) a Google Spreadsheet in a Chunk? (Spreadsheet has merged cells) Alex Karman 2/24/15
Convert lyx to word José Luis Cañadas 2/18/15
Hmisc summary.formula in html markdown Dr. Hans Hansen 2/16/15
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