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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 10:28 AM
Kivy 1.9.1 released qua-non 8/20/16
Kivy: How to reliably set [keyboard] focus on-mouse-down Klaas van Schelven 12:28 PM
Kivy Atlas and Memory, 2D Graphics and Animation Horace Johnson 11:39 AM
Running Kivy on newest android Pkore 11:31 AM
unschedule Clock which is called with functools partial peer mocks 9:52 AM
[CRITICAL] [App ] Unable to get a Window, abort. vanbillemont kenny 6:09 AM
How to create a texture out of part of a canvas Klaas van Schelven 3:35 AM
Apparent failure to load SSL in Kivy iOS Project despite having built openssl Matt Freeman 1/22/17
Scrolling with non-sdl window providers Andrew Freitas 1/22/17
Accessing the AdMob widget from inside the app Zoltan Fedor 1/22/17
Error install Kivy to Macbook Pro Dansong Chen 1/22/17
Not able to generate APK file lavanya seetharaman 1/22/17
When does a new widget start receiving events? GreyGnome 1/22/17
TextInput with clear button included Thomas Schulz 1/22/17
[CRITICAL] [Window ] Unable to find any valuable Window provider at all! Jacek Blocki 1/21/17
no module named PIL Joey daniel darko 1/20/17
Pyinstaller problem on windows andres rodriguez 1/20/17
Buildozer failing on Arch + questions on building configuration Goffi 1/20/17
Where to bind on_selection_change to ListAdapter in kv rick 1/19/17
Custom Recipe Pkore 1/19/17
unable to make a simple grid layout with 4 buttons dimple verma 1/19/17
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