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Kivy 1.9.1 released qua-non 7/22/16
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 5/4/16
Text input reset focus Kurt Dally 6:40 PM
Keeping the GUI responsive during shutil.copy command. Michael 3:19 PM
Odd floating menu widget thingy on screen Ray Gallagher 2:56 PM
[pyjnius]Google Play Services and ResultCallback Damien Moore 2:23 PM
Widget Size question? Molex Monkey 2:15 PM
lxml with new toolchain Filip Demaertelaere 1:25 PM
kivy webview android apk Ajay Kumar 1:24 PM
android adb with buildozer Filip Demaertelaere 9:48 AM
Kivy Core Audio on Windows Zak Sharif 7/22/16
Non rectangular StencilView Tim Sheerman-Chase 7/22/16
buildozer apk crashing at startup Android Stephen Rafferty 7/22/16
python-for-android Joey daniel darko 7/22/16
event dispacth and listen woes flux 7/22/16
Installing Kivy Manually (No Package Managers) using Anaconda Python Scott Mauceri 7/22/16
Display on PC vs mobile issues Stephen Rafferty 7/22/16
OpenCV with Kivy Richey 7/22/16
TV Remote (IR Blaster) Sagar Jaiswal 7/22/16
Occasional Queue.Empty exception in kivy-twisted reactor Roman 7/22/16
collide_widget caracteriel 7/21/16
Binding values outside class Michael 7/21/16
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