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[ANN] Kivy 1.9 released qua-non 4/25/15
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 4/7/15
scikit-image on GPU Pkore 12:15 PM
Removing the Kinect Effect from a scroll view Fernando Coelho 11:19 AM
How to create the interface between Kivy and the android system & GPS Alex 8:05 AM
error Debesh Mohanty 3:31 AM
Instructions to create a package for Linux Paul Johnston 3:31 AM
kivy app now closes with import error (didn't do that 1 month ago) Thomas Anatol da Rocha Woelz 3:31 AM
Joystick 1.9.0 Ihor Bobalo 1:59 AM
Re: [kivy-users] Re: Kivy TextInput glitches on Android Monia Verse 5/4/15
Image Widget Question Jorge Carrillo 5/4/15
Anmation with Zip File Malik Brahimi 5/4/15
Filechooser in container Mihály Mirk 5/4/15
Handling widget layers in .kv file Gleb Pushkov 5/3/15
Getting x,y coordinates from breadcrumb widgets on a FloatLayout David Taylor 5/3/15
kivy Buildozer error on the kivy vm patryk ulfig 5/3/15
ToggleButton group that allows more then one pressed button Yoel Koenka 5/3/15
recipe for requests? Bill Eaton 5/3/15
Kivy TextInput glitches on Android Monia Verse 5/2/15
problem with api >= 19 Rami Tayekh 5/2/15
netifaces import error on android Artem Popov 5/2/15
Kivy 1.9.0, installing on Mac OS X? Jon Kleiser 5/2/15
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