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Kivy 1.9.1 released qua-non 8/20/16
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 8/1/16
Possibly to change a widget's depth (z dimension)? GreyGnome 4:41 PM
Windows app not launching mohamad hadad 8/24/16
Avoid opening soft keyboard on Android Robin Deits 8/24/16
Rapsberry Pi 3 + Kivy installation Nils Schmidt 8/24/16
Kivy Changes Screen Resolution Vista 32 laptop 8/24/16
How can I limit Scatter translation ? caracteriel 8/24/16
UrlRequest not working on android James Whitaker 8/24/16
Can't pass string from .kv file to class method Forbidden 303 8/23/16
mp3 not playing on iOS device/simulator bearnun 8/23/16
Bind a function to a Button Amir Teymuri 8/23/16
Using Wakelocks for radio streaming app. kevdaci 8/23/16
Error: Unknown <mp4> type, no loader found Özgür Özkan 8/23/16
connectGatt issues Micah Johnson 8/23/16
callback function in kv file Kazuya Haraguchi 8/22/16
drag n drop showcase Pavel Kostelník 8/22/16
App demo: Yeco: touch control for Ableton Live Graham Comerford 8/22/16
Question about loops in .kv file 8/21/16
Uncomprehensible problem-Maybe glitch in kivy? Martin Fayad 8/21/16
Pyjnius installation error for Python 3 or 3.5 on lubuntu 8/21/16
Launch Google play store from Kivy app Vijaykumar Walikar 8/21/16
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