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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 6/20/18
Kivy 1.10.0 released Mathieu Virbel 5/26/18
Sending data from app to live database working on desktop but not in mobile. mahmud al hasan 7:28 AM
Kivy and autenticate Django Elias Coutinho 7:18 AM
Build APK with Crystax on VM - sh.CommandNotFound: ndk_build Глеб Самойлов 7:10 AM
ActionBar: call for examples ZenCODE 7:01 AM
Scrolling doesn't work smoothly in Scroll view me2 beats 6:30 AM
Can i use js with kivy? Istiak Ahamed 6:28 AM
Getting error while creating apk mahmud al hasan 3:00 AM
(android) launch another application from a kivy apk to watch downloaded videos. j colo 1:55 AM
Can I use the pyaudio module in Kvy? Глеб Самойлов 12:15 AM
Kivy forum? me2 beats 6/20/18
What should be the requirements for mysql database in Buildozer.spec file? mahmud al hasan 6/20/18
Kivy Newbie William Kidwell 6/20/18
Latency problems with ~130 widgets on screen, any performance tips? Zac Wolfe 6/20/18
Printing on a Kivi windows program? Olivier Trépanier-Desfossés 6/20/18
Best practise: Variable gets changed by widget AND by the application Der Achim 6/20/18
StackLayout + ScrollView trouble Carlos Vieira 6/20/18
right sizing cells in a Gridlayout ( SOLVED).....or worked around at least j colo 6/20/18
Binding to property wrapped in class Petr Sturc 6/20/18
iOS toolchain Build Failing on...Downloads? bearnun 6/20/18
Why Garden over Pip? Goffi 6/19/18
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