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Kivy 1.10.0 released Mathieu Virbel 6/27/17
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 6/19/17
Kivy success story - RaceCapture motorsport telemetry Brent Picasso 2:15 AM
Missing mouse pointer, Raspberry Pi 3, Python 3.4.2 Kivy v1.10.1.dev0 mjkuwp94 12:31 AM
Unable to use Kivy Designer Muhammad Naimul Islam 6/28/17
kivy android crashed after importing scikit-image suvo 6/28/17
SDL Error: Could not load any Luisroobert 6/28/17
Error: Could not load any John Anderson 6/28/17
Re: [kivy-users] Re: program crashes if I add TextInput to BoxLayout Andreas Ecker 6/28/17
Apple Mach-O Linker Id Error Nikolai 6/28/17
How can I display "Bengali" in my kivy app? Muhammad Naimul Islam 6/28/17
Having trouble with basic Android APK compilation of Kivy example Matthew Buckley 6/26/17
Kivy generating 100's of widget Klieber frederic 6/26/17
Python Google APIs - GAMES Horace Johnson 6/26/17
Kivy, Python, and Buildozer on an an Intel Atom Based Tablet John Anderson 6/25/17
Sound not playing correctly on loop Héctor Monzón 6/24/17
Setting widget depth in .kv language Adrian Forbes 6/24/17
prompt user with a proceed button to be pushed before moving cycling through next item in loop Griffo 6/24/17
I need immediate support pleaseee!!!!! Aladdin Hammodi 6/24/17
Lines aren’t working in sequence Tyro 6/23/17
How to disable login at the start of Raspberry Pi ? Bastien Bonte 6/23/17
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