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Kivy 1.9.1 released qua-non 8/20/16
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 8/1/16
Buildozer apk deployed on Android 4.4 fails to find Jacek Blocki 8:41 AM
kivy button not responding John Emma 8:41 AM
Problems setting a scroll view position via code. Fernando Coelho 5:06 AM
Can't build audiostream for Android Jason Boyd 10/24/16
Does StencilView work with RelativeLayout? Oon-Ee Ng 10/24/16
error when installing python-for-android Suji 10/24/16
webview change url to internal file francisco jose 10/24/16
Write permission errors when building for iOS Indeciski 10/24/16
Arabic Fonts engmms 10/24/16
Desktop app of Google Maps using Kivy Prakash kumar 10/24/16
Error running with Kivy Launcher rszk 10/24/16
Issue with using imaplib and ssl package in an app Bence Hegyi 10/23/16
Change height of list items in listview dynamically Thomas Schulz 10/23/16
Can Android open a vkeyboard instead of system keyboard? Ian Collins 10/23/16
Scatter and BoxLayout 10/23/16
Change button text dynamically in kivy Андрей Федоренко 10/22/16
Binding callbacks to Events GreyGnome 10/22/16
How to Add a Widget to a Layout in a position fixed to its size? GreyGnome 10/22/16
Installing kivy on el capitain imp9 10/22/16
Abstract Classes in Pyjnius Micah Johnson 10/21/16
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