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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 4/27/16
Kivy 1.9.1 released qua-non 3/12/16
ListView with multiline label elements. Joseph Botosh 1:05 AM
On kivy's stability... Rodolfo Torres 4/29/16
App on Google Play hiro miki 4/29/16
Canvas co-ordinates, root.width, root.height and missing pixels. David Goadby 4/29/16
Hello! Kivy Community Kuldeep Grewal 4/29/16
[Bug] - TextInput (font_size: 135, text: "D") OlyGrim 4/29/16
Dropdown does not appear depending on order of adding screen to screen manager Xue Li Lim 4/28/16
FileChooserIconView with thumbnail and exif rotation ZenCODE 4/27/16
Promoting a Kivy App. Monia Verse 4/27/16
Splash screen for Desktop application Diogo Silva 4/27/16
Menubar Title On OsX Graham Comerford 4/27/16
Using AVFoundation to scan pdf417 barcodes George Ventura 4/27/16
Kivy on Raspberry Pi 3 issues launching windows Matthew Takao 4/27/16
No web access for pip, problems installing when files installed manually. Help please! Scott Mauceri 4/26/16
Kivy android luncher dont see files. Михаил Дзык 4/25/16
Including emojis in a TextInput _ Leva7 _ 4/25/16
Intercept keyboard request Ian Collins 4/25/16
Kivy app running as a background thread RedDevil91 4/25/16
How can I chnage folder for android Михаил Дзык 4/25/16
Kivy help Ronit Bhardwaj 4/24/16
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