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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 8/4/15
[ANN] Kivy 1.9 released qua-non 7/20/15
Window: Unable to find any valuable Window provider at all! Ed Lipson 4:19 AM
ScreenManager transition to a Screen with a playing Video Pablo Ochendrowitsch 8/28/15
Kivy now powers robots Mark Silliman 8/28/15
Cutbuffer problems 8/28/15
Problem to play h264 video on Raspberry Pi Pablo Ochendrowitsch 8/28/15
displaying PDF and database in Kivy app Michał Łabuz 8/28/15
Binding in canvas instruction breaking? Gary Johnson 8/28/15
what's the current status of Kivy on Raspberry Pi ? Anthony Seger 8/27/15
Sprite animation class, help to improve. Arthur Alves 8/27/15
Access/reference widgets from App Howard Moshtael 8/27/15
How can we include kivy garden elements in the new iOS toolchain? Eric Carlson 8/27/15
Scroll View issues Vineet Bafna 8/26/15
kivy on pcduino Serge Sauton 8/26/15
How to install matplotlib for Kivy? David Aldrich 8/26/15
devices screen fragmentation Anthony Seger 8/26/15
New kivy app!! Check out "Cheesy Battles" yoav glazner 8/26/15
Add contracts programmatically in Android Edwin Alvarado 8/26/15
focus TextInput changes on '.' pressed Andrei Sima 8/25/15
making decision on storage Anthony Seger 8/25/15
Compiling Kivy: "fatal error: 'gst/gst.h' file not found" Ryan Doherty 8/25/15
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