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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 6/26/15
[ANN] Kivy 1.9 released qua-non 6/15/15
Resize rectangle VDK 7/4/15
Strange position of a Popup VDK 7/4/15
Y-coordinate offset Graham Comerford 7/3/15
Help needed to drawing a schematic David Aldrich 7/3/15
How to include Python modules shadowjig 7/3/15
kivy.atlas Allan Mabe 7/3/15
Kivy IRC logs? David Aldrich 7/3/15
How to plot graph with delay in every point using kivy garden graph? Shruti Chandra 7/3/15
SOAP connect works fine on the Ubuntu desktop but crashes on the Android device. Serj Piskunov 7/2/15
New Kivy app, Tribe - location sharing with MapView Tom Rota 7/2/15
Aviod joining two strokes of drawing while making a plot using kivy garden! Shruti Chandra 7/2/15
Using requests and beautiful soup libraries in kivy 7/2/15
Re: [kivy-users] Simple demo of tshirtman 7/2/15
Restore Settings_cls defaults Julio CamPlaz 7/2/15
Re: Kivy binding widgets to buttons Alexander Taylor 7/1/15
Can't see anything while running simple graph of kivy garden?? Shruti Chandra 7/1/15
A bug in the softinput_mode ivan limonov 7/1/15
How to maintain the aspect ratio while making a graph using kivy garden graph? Shruti Chandra 7/1/15
App crashing on startup. UnsatisfiedLinkError Brian MacDiarmuide 7/1/15
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