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2 small problems (signature and notification sound) michele renai 2:36 AM
Syncing disabled EV 8/21/17
where does k-9 mail store mails? (name of that location) peter 8/13/17
Socket error timeout jgo...@gallagherstaging.com 8/10/17
K9 not RFC 5322 compliant: From header issue? voytek 8/4/17
Why is folder push class "2nd" by default? chri...@grothesque.org 8/4/17
Manual Fetch Only - Sync Disabled On Any Setting right...@gmail.com 8/4/17
Draft folder issue Steven N Picton 8/1/17
Big Thank You Thomas Güttler 7/31/17
Bottom icons/toolbar broken with upgrade Eric Fried 7/31/17
Cannot connect to server during new email set up Lynne Chapman 7/30/17
fixed-length fonts gru...@gmail.com 7/30/17
Unable to connect to Namecheap mail servers? Mari Hsu 7/29/17
Participating in GSOC 2018 Charis Ch 7/29/17
Is there anything like an e-mail me widget for K-9? uwe.d...@gmail.com 7/28/17
Cryptography deactivated Andi Riese 7/26/17
How to delete all messages in the Trash directory? Arnaud Julien 7/25/17
K-9 Mail Widget application KBS Development 7/24/17
factory reset and K-9 emails bambuko 7/24/17
Manual Fetch Only - Sync Disabled - Known K-9 Problem right...@gmail.com 7/20/17
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