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HTML formatting lost Andrey Gangan 8:22 AM
emails disappear after reading in all messages mike tafet 9/26/16
[bug] Incorrect rendering of messages with HTML attachments Dmitry Alexandrov 9/23/16
Adding folders to account Chris Huff 9/23/16
Poll on opening Kevin Cooper 9/22/16
Unable to save attachments Chris Protheroe 9/21/16
no automatic polling Erik Appeldoorn 9/20/16
Failed Installation Neil McGarva 9/19/16
notification/reading of emails on third party devices/app, question voytek 9/18/16
Setting spam folder Leslie Gottlieb 9/17/16
Button "Folders" instead of "Order by"? (Like in native Android app) Martin Adámek 9/14/16
android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDiskIOException: disk I/O error (code 1802) crashes. Motorola Moto G LTE 9/14/16
Consequences of setting Trash folder to Gmail/All Mail Marcel Ackermann 9/14/16
K9 Mail signatures Gary Wood 9/14/16
Global folders, global Trash folder, global Sent folder Reem 9/12/16
Inbox slider action is too wide and prevents selection of star Patrick Boyle 9/10/16
no notifications Thomas Kaufman 9/9/16
Problems with Settings Import Danny 9/9/16
K9 mail and Android Nougat Robotjoek 9/8/16
Copying old mails to a new account. Yerssothel Kytavorn 9/7/16
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