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Adding and deleting accounts from outside app Eric Offermann 12:36 PM
html formatting in K-9 ollion...@gmail.com 10:37 AM
No open PGP app installed, even though I have APG gshzjoshnagfs...@gmail.com 7:07 AM
showing old email as new email. Hyoung Joo Kim 10/17/17
Can't use different app to select notification sound Rick Curl 10/16/17
2 small problems (signature and notification sound) michele renai 10/9/17
Star a message - list view Mike McDonald 10/9/17
K9 Sync doesn't work properly on Android 7.0 Michael Meier 10/9/17
Anchor links in messages not working Darren Walsh 10/8/17
Starred messages have disappeared Pauline Howell 10/8/17
Notifications not disappearing rudy stevanato 10/6/17
K9 has stopped Cindy Backstein 10/6/17
Need to Export Sent Messages Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan 10/4/17
Not all emails appearing in Unified Folder! David 10/3/17
Do not encrypt e-mails by default Toxa 10/2/17
Don't want to see sync. Dirk Schubert 10/2/17
Hotmail outgoing server mike nadeau 10/1/17
Un Thread e-mails- i had to reinstall on my new phone and can not find the settings -any suggestions Lawrence Kaplan 9/30/17
[BUG] Signed Mails show up as Encrypted mails, annoying, please fix. Burak 9/27/17
Email address predictions Bill R 9/27/17
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