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If you are posting a message on performance issues, please make sure that you do not have variables in global scope in your program. Wrap all your code in a function before timing it. Also, do see the section on Performance Tips in the Julia manual, before posting a performance related question.

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JuliaCon schedule announced Viral Shah 6/28/16
Any examples of using Julia with online judge systems Андрей Логунов 6/28/16
Is there a way to create a DataArray of a particular eltype (Int8 in my case) using a list comprehension or a map function? Min-Woong Sohn 6/28/16
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Extending functions in Base (or another module) Bill Hart 6/28/16
Oracle ODBC John Kim 6/28/16
PyPlot plots will not show in non-interactive mode. Matt Anderson 6/28/16
Julia for Newbie Programmer. Adrian Felismino 6/28/16
yin/yang Henri Girard 6/28/16
Plots with Plots Tom Breloff 6/28/16
vector of vectors to array Ferran Mazzanti 6/28/16
Multiple JULIA_PKGDIR directories in a hierarchy for supporting a shared environment David Parks 6/27/16
polynomial terms in formula specification Michael Borregaard 6/27/16
Julia 0.4.6 MD5's are not Matching... Danny Hunt 6/27/16
using in try catch block David Anthoff 6/27/16
complex int ? A gcc-ism? Victor Eijkhout 6/27/16
Row/column iterators? Tom Breloff 6/27/16
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