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If you are posting a message on performance issues, please make sure that you do not have variables in global scope in your program. Wrap all your code in a function before timing it. Also, do see the section on Performance Tips in the Julia manual, before posting a performance related question.

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ANN: Julia v0.5.0 released! Tony Kelman 9/22/16
Best compile and benchmark for haswell and broadwell architectures? David Gleich 11:01 AM
membership checking in heap Athul George Appadan 10:17 AM
Generic Linux binaries for julia-0.4.6 ami...@gmail.com 6:18 AM
What is the deal with macros that do not return expressions? Lyndon White 5:31 AM
indirect array indexing apao...@gmail.com 1:30 AM
Simple test functions generates different codegen mmh 9/30/16
Parallelizing Error on 0.5 on Ubuntu ABB 9/30/16
JPEG 2000 values are doubled bogdan...@gmail.com 9/30/16
ANN: CUDAdrv.jl, and CUDA.jl deprecation Tim Besard 9/30/16
eval in current scope Marius Millea 9/30/16
Julia-i18n logo proposal Waldir Pimenta 9/30/16
Seg fault when using Logging.jl Stefan Kruger 9/30/16
translating julia Henri Girard 9/29/16
Any 0.5 performance tips? Andrew 9/29/16
Is there a way to export all functions defined in a module? K leo 9/29/16
copying package repository for update to 0.5 Milton Huang 9/29/16
Problem with julia-0.5 on Gentoo Bill Hart 9/29/16
Overload what to fix "Julia Client - Internal Error" with subtype of AbstractArray? Chris Stook 9/29/16
cfunction result garbage collected Christian Rorvik 9/29/16
Why does Julia 0.5 keep complaining about method re-definitions? Daniel Carrera 9/29/16
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