Welcome to the Julia Statistics mailing list! We're interested in getting Julia ready for statistical programming as quickly as possible. To do that end, we'd like to focus volunteer effort towards areas with high potential return on investment. Current points of focus include:

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generalized least squares Michael Borregaard 8/23/16
How can l choose the number of bins to plot a histogram for gibbs sampling process? Ahmed Mazari 8/23/16
weighted least squares, extract coef, and std of error term Tamas Papp 8/22/16
Pros/Cons of various autodiff packages Benjamin Deonovic 8/22/16
gibbs sampling and contrastive divergence Ahmed Mazari 8/20/16
How can l visualize the process of gibbs sampling in a histogram? Ahmed Mazari 8/19/16
Replace formulas by Pairs? Douglas Bates 8/19/16
Initializing DataFrames 0kto 8/2/16
trimmean() is biased / aka removes values unevenly Daniel Carrera 7/28/16
Help with mean absolute deviation function (MAD). Daniel Carrera 7/27/16
Help Wanted - hot Julia developers with some R experience - Chicago Glen Thomas 7/21/16
RFC: Generics for indicators, constrasts, etc. in StatsBase? Douglas Bates 7/21/16
Distributions/Rmath, DataFrames/(NullableArrays,CategoricalArrays) Douglas Bates 7/20/16
Restricted boltzman machine with L2 reglarization Ahmed Mazari 7/20/16
DataFrame and Memory Limitations Michael Smith 7/19/16
MixedModels residuals and post-hocs Carlos Familia 7/1/16
How to implement a tree structure with vector data in JULIA ? Ahmed Mazari 7/1/16
RCall.jl gets a REPL mode Randy Lai 6/29/16
Factor analysis Jessica Koh 6/28/16
Bootstrap resample Jessica Koh 6/26/16
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