This Google Group is deprecated. Read-only access is provided to the historical archives for record-keeping purposes only.

Future discussions of statistical computing should take place at https://discourse.julialang.org/c/domain/stats. See the pinned post at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/julia-stats/YZ2z5VV2LxM for the original announcement of this deprecation.

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ANN: This group is now read-only. Use Discourse instead. John Myles White 11/13/16
How set display precision for a DataFrame? swol...@gmail.com 11/12/16
ANN: DataFrames 0.9.0 Planned for February Milan Bouchet-Valat 11/12/16
Move to discourse? Simon Byrne 11/9/16
OpenBLAS outperforming MKL? Douglas Bates 11/3/16
Custom array backed dataframe Lee B 11/1/16
Implementing Poisson Inverse Gaussian distribution for Distributions.jl Anon 10/7/16
RCall - error when using R""" chunck of code """ Jan Magnusson 10/4/16
Lora renamed to Klara Theodore Papamarkou 10/2/16
DataFrame and Memory Limitations Michael Smith 9/30/16
Interactions in GLM Johan Sigfrids 9/29/16
Cross-tabulation of categorical variables like "table" function in r parthasarathy ganguly 9/28/16
Controlling all Julia output up to 4 decimal points parthasarathy ganguly 9/28/16
ANN: Query.jl David Anthoff 9/26/16
juliastats.org down David Anthoff 9/23/16
gmean, geomean throw up undefvarError, methoderror respectively varu...@gmail.com 9/23/16
Exporting Statistics output parthasarathy ganguly 9/23/16
statistics parthasarathy ganguly 9/21/16
Factor analysis Jessica Koh 9/21/16
Current state of play re DataFrames, CategoricalArrays, NullableArrays, CSV and all that Douglas Bates 9/15/16
Convert NullableArray w/o nulls to an Array Douglas Bates 9/14/16
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