Welcome to the Julia Statistics mailing list! We're interested in getting Julia ready for statistical programming as quickly as possible. To do that end, we'd like to focus volunteer effort towards areas with high potential return on investment. Current points of focus include:

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Julia analog to glmer2stan? Christopher Fisher 2/7/16
ANN: DynamicDiscreteModels.jl and HiddenMarkovModels.jl ben 2/3/16
Replace formulas by Pairs? Douglas Bates 2/2/16
Hilbert-Schmidt independence criterion (HSIC) Martin T 1/27/16
Help me understand kde_lscv() in KernelDensity.jl? Daniel Carrera 1/21/16
How do I get the latest version of HypothesisTests.jl ? Daniel Carrera 1/20/16
Mamba.jl inclusion in julia-stats (was: Re: [julia-stats] Statistics roadmap post) Kevin Squire 1/20/16
Anderson-Darling test in Julia? Daniel Carrera 1/20/16
frequentist modle Ananta Pradhan 1/18/16
Statistics roadmap post Simon Byrne 1/17/16
Is someone working on a GEE (generalized estimating equations) package? Min-Woong Sohn 1/4/16
curve fitting with errors Jan Strube 12/30/15
error in assigning NA to Float64 in a DataFrame Min-Woong Sohn 12/30/15
Reading ARFF files Alex Williams 12/30/15
DOE in Julia? Oleg Mikulchenko 12/15/15
Is there a StatsBase maintainer? David Anthoff 12/7/15
DataFrames: the most efficient way to read strings with commas as floats Alexander Flyax 11/20/15
Max Likelihood / MAP estimates with autodifferentiation Alex Williams 11/18/15
State of categorical variables Benjamin Deonovic 11/16/15
ANN: MXNet.jl v0.0.5, LSTM char-rnn tutorial for generating random sentences Chiyuan Zhang 11/15/15
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