Welcome to the Julia Statistics mailing list! We're interested in getting Julia ready for statistical programming as quickly as possible. To do that end, we'd like to focus volunteer effort towards areas with high potential return on investment. Current points of focus include:

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Size of ggplot2 plot in IJulia David Anthoff 4/29/16
RCall example David Anthoff 4/29/16
Log-log regression Mario Henrique 4/29/16
Feather - a fast on-disk format for data frames Douglas Bates 4/28/16
Covariance of a (24976, 108) matrix Kevin Liu 4/27/16
Analysis of four-dimensional datasets 0kto 4/25/16
Julia_Frequents_patterns Che Gmt 4/22/16
testing linear hypothesis on coefficients and glm Edwin 4/19/16
Entropy of the multinomial distribution Anon 4/18/16
Trouble with GLlM in new Julia install Pedro L Vera 4/18/16
Goodness-of-fit for Gaussian distribution of values X,Y Fred 4/13/16
Is there a way to convert a DataArray from a string eltype to a numeric eltype and vice versa Min-Woong Sohn 4/11/16
DataFrame function to determine if an eltype is a floating point number Min-Woong Sohn 4/8/16
Multinomial Logistic Regression Benjamin Deonovic 4/7/16
How to create Slice and NUTS samplers in Lora.jl Xiucheng Li 4/6/16
Calculation of parameter confidence intervals Charles Ll 4/4/16
Data Envelopment Analysis revendra 4/2/16
Marginal MLE/MPD estimates from Mamba/Lora (GSOC?) (Crosspost) Jameson Quinn 3/23/16
Fitting an AR(MA) process vincent leclere 2/25/16
Quantization / discretization vincent leclere 2/23/16
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