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Using jug & Ipython luispedro 5/21/14
ANN Jug 1.0 release candidate 0 luispedro 4/21/14
Jug hooks luispedro 4/7/14
ANN: Jug 0.9.7 released luispedro 2/19/14
ANN: Jug 0.9.6 luispedro 8/7/13
Re: is that possible to run task in parallel without jug execute luispedro 8/6/13
Is that possible to run tasks without using the shell jug execute Shuo Wang 8/6/13
re-run a jugfile with different code Peter 7/26/13
limiting number of jobs run by 'jug execute' Prefer Anon 7/17/13
ANN: Jug 0.9.5 luispedro 5/27/13
Jug now supports Python 3 luispedro 5/9/13
Jug talk at BOSC 2013 luispedro 5/8/13
Jug debug mode luispedro 4/18/13
ANN: Jug 0.9.4 luispedro 4/15/13
Some bash addendum scripts Hamilton Turner 3/25/13
what can be serialised as a jug task? Bryan Lawrence 3/25/13
Re: jug and virtualenv luispedro 3/11/13
ANN: Jug 0.9.3 luispedro 12/2/12
How to clear the cache? Hamilton Turner 11/20/12
Re: Confusion over simple example luispedro 11/13/12
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