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[seplogic/jstar] e9c1fa: made it compile Radu Grigore 4/11/16
[seplogic/jstar] ed6ae8: bugfix Radu Grigore 9/7/15
[seplogic/jstar] 20901c: sync with corestar Radu Grigore 6/8/14
[seplogic/jstar] 4f579e: jstar runs again! GitHub 5/31/14
[seplogic/jstar] 508856: towards syncing with corestar/alt-abd GitHub 5/31/14
[seplogic/jstar] e1505e: put in failwith-s so it compiles GitHub 4/24/14
[seplogic/jstar] cf015c: forgot to add this file last time GitHub 4/21/14
[seplogic/jstar] 6a4091: partial update to sync with corestar; still doesn'... GitHub 4/21/14
[seplogic/jstar] 224d49: generate pure predicates for things like <,>,<=,..... GitHub 12/23/13
[seplogic/jstar] 0151cc: minor GitHub 12/18/13
[seplogic/jstar] bc49ef: simple.topl GitHub 12/6/13
[seplogic/jstar] 23a506: sync with corestar GitHub 12/6/13
[seplogic/jstar] f2a5f5: Fixed a bug with constants in guards. GitHub 11/29/13
[seplogic/jstar] 4ea5e9: small bugfix GitHub 11/27/13
[seplogic/jstar] 45df6b: bugfix: the html printing made jstar fail with ass... GitHub 11/26/13
[seplogic/jstar] 81f7dd: micro cleanup GitHub 11/14/13
[seplogic/jstar] aff45b: small things GitHub 11/14/13
[seplogic/jstar] 2ab4b5: Normalize generated specs GitHub 11/14/13
[seplogic/jstar] 5f50cf: 'new' allocates GitHub 11/11/13
[seplogic/jstar] 64f792: assignment translation was buggy GitHub 11/11/13
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