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Upgrading from being compliant with JCache 1.0 to JCache 1.1 Enrico Olivelli 2/8/18
JSR107 1.1 Maintenance Release Ballot Results Greg Luck 12/20/17
Impossible to be compliaint with JCache 1.0 and JCache 1.1 Enrico Olivelli 11/7/17
JCache 1.1 Materials Submitted Greg Luck 11/4/17
JCache MR 1.1 is posted - the JCP has until 18 November to review Greg Luck 10/26/17
Announcing JCache 1.1 Maintenance Release Submission Greg Luck 10/17/17
Mixing JCache annotations with imperative code Jaromir Hamala 6/16/17
Help needed for applying TCK commercial license Gu Rui 6/8/17
JCache 1.1 getting close - I need your help to get it finished Greg Luck 3/22/17
JCache Microprofile Discussion Paper Greg Luck 2/14/17
Introducing Hazelcast Engineer Vassilis Bekiaris Greg Luck 2/3/17
Puts with TTL Enrico Olivelli 12/30/16
Important: Please vote for JCache in http://glassfish.org/survey Greg Luck 9/29/16
JCache.next (JavaEE alignment) Ondro Mihályi 9/26/16
Updated for JSR107 Test Zoo Greg Luck 6/15/16
BlazingCache: Request for JSR107 compliance Enrico Olivelli 6/8/16
JCache + JavaEE / JCache 2.0 BOF at Java One Jens Wilke 5/11/16
Java EE 8 Integration Adam Bien 4/12/16
jcache-api license issue Jens Wilke 3/18/16
Urgent requirement for SAP Basis Engineer/Oracle Rac at Dallas,TX bagadi seetaram 3/18/16
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