jsonschema - An implementation of JSON Schema for Python

Welcome. This is the mailing list for jsonschema, a Python implementation of the JSON Schema specifications.

If you're looking for the mailing list for the schema itself, it's here.

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How to create a new valid object and stuff into existing doc? Eeee 1/26/18
How to allow None (null) for fields in JSON Schema? Houman K. 9/7/17
Trying to understand why these JSON pass validation Tiago Ferraz 6/29/17
$ref relative paths - is this standardized? Doesn't work in interactive mode Gabriel Underwood 6/28/17
Any support for version 5 planned? Hanz Van Aardt 4/10/17
Report on what of the schema gets used (and not used) pbeng...@mozilla.com 3/29/17
Validating line delimited JSON with jsonschema Nandakumar Raghu 8/3/16
How to build the documentation under linux. Benjamin Scherrey 5/15/16
Windows 8 json schema install requires vcversioner, VCS and version.txt files? Jay B 5/9/16
JSON schema array without properties Christopher Graham 4/21/16
Validating request.form type=number Kai Hendry 3/16/16
How to resolve multiple son references Samuel Collis 8/27/15
Schema generator Dmitry Shulga 8/11/15
Using jsonschema as a visitor Friedrich Lindenberg 8/1/15
Validate values between arrays Charles Sartori 7/1/15
Short validation outage Charles Beebe 6/22/15
Validation broken after upgrade to 2.5.0 Dmitry Zviagintsev 6/8/15
How to install jsonschema Pablo de la Mora 5/25/15
Creating a custom type with a custom validation function Paul Winkler 5/6/15
Using jsonschema as a "validation backend" in another library Paul Walsh 2/3/15
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