jsonschema - An implementation of JSON Schema for Python

Welcome. This is the mailing list for jsonschema, a Python implementation of the JSON Schema specifications.

If you're looking for the mailing list for the schema itself, it's here.

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How to install jsonschema Pablo de la Mora 5/25/15
Creating a custom type with a custom validation function Paul Winkler 5/6/15
Using jsonschema as a "validation backend" in another library Paul Walsh 2/3/15
dynamic json username 2/2/15
How to get the resolved schema nick...@gmail.com 2/2/15
How to allow None (null) for fields in JSON Schema? Houman Khorasani 12/29/14
Hookability and MongoDB ObjectId. nick...@gmail.com 12/25/14
JSON input validates against schema, error in validators.py martin....@gmail.com 12/25/14
ErrorTrees and AdditionalProperty Errors - Finding Unexpected Properties Kevin Engle 12/25/14
IPv4/6 oneOf validation / format check Matthew Baker 12/14/14
Unable to Validate Example Schemas using Draft4Validator Erik 10/12/14
validating and recording file paths in a JSON Schema Daniel Lenski 10/6/14
Coervice validation and conversion from strings Andy Robinson 9/2/14
JSON schema $ref does not work for relative path (refResolutionError) Jiajie Duan 8/6/14
$ref and id in "urn" form John Tangney 7/29/14
Validation fails when using $ref John Tangney 7/28/14
validation loop: schema - problem validating Alex Shneyderman 7/13/14
Formatter Paul Kavanagh 6/5/14
JSON Reference as value of 'oneOf' slot William Fisher 5/27/14
Validating subschemas jan.j...@gmail.com 3/4/14
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