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Current discussion about v5 and the future of the spec: https://github.com/json-schema/json-schema/issues/167

Welcome to the JSON Schema Google Group.

This group is for the community around the growing JSON Schema standard (http://json-schema.org/).  The current specification (version 4) comes in three parts:

If you have a question about using JSON Schema which is a specific practical question, we would like to direct you to JSON Schema on StackOverflow. For discussion and questions which fall out of scope on StackOverflow, please feel welcome to start a new topic here.

This group is moderated, so if your message does not appear instantly, please be patient.

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Pre-publication feedback window for draft-07 Henry H. Andrews 10/20/17
[ANN] JSONBuddy 4.2 available with support for schemastore.org xmlbuddy 10/18/17
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Hyper-schema Draft 04 changed... Allan Schrum 10/11/17
Check if certain payload is present in JSON schema by code Sundeep Kumar Gorantla 10/6/17
Search a certain payload(object) in JSON schema Sundeep Kumar Gorantla 10/6/17
Results: re-use/extension/addlProps Vote-A-Rama! Henry H. Andrews 9/10/17
Views of a JSON schema for validating different profiles and components. John Carlson 9/6/17
XSD to JSON Schema RAMESH BABU 9/5/17
Query regarding Xsd to Json conversion kilapar...@gmail.com 9/4/17
All major Hyper-Schema PRs published! Henry H. Andrews 9/2/17
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