jQuery Standards

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September TC39 Meeting Notes Rick Waldron 9/27/12
Re: HELP! Responsive Assets :) Paul Irish 1/20/12
Partial HTTP requests Jonathan Azoff 1/20/12
Add a (CSS) transitionstart event Schepp 1/7/12
form methods Jake Verbaten 12/7/11
Improve text-overflow to handle vertical overflows Roland Warmerdam 12/5/11
Improving the DOM Jake Verbaten 11/21/11
EventTarget.on Jake Verbaten 11/20/11
Re: [jquery-standards] Urgent Requirement : Lead Documentum Specialist Eli Perelman 11/16/11
Re: [jquery-standards] Required ETLDeveloper with Peoplesoft at NC Jake Verbaten 11/15/11
event report: W3C TPAC Paul Irish 11/10/11
CSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Domenic Denicola 11/9/11
NodeList and HTMLCollection are not arrays Jake Verbaten 11/3/11
requestAnimationFrame and animation stacking Paul Irish 11/2/11
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